HayBuys Festival

Event Organized by Irina Chibukchyan, Anna Kolozyan, and Gayane Agayan

HayBuys Festival
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
29 June 2019 29 June 2019 Arachin st. 38,, Yenokavan 4008, Tavush Region RA free

In 2015 Irina Chibukchyan, Anna Kolozyan, and Gayane Agayan created and organized the first herb festival in Armenia. The festival was called "HayBuys" which in its turn means Armenian Herb. The festival takes place in the Apaga Resort which locates in Yenokavan,(Tavush Region): one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. 

The main aim of the festival is to teach everyone to use Armenian herbs, show methods of using them, teach their healing properties.  The festival also includes a tea party, educational games, master classes of cooking and many different activities for children. During festival members of the festival make 20-meter long Armenian brduch with Lavash and  Armenian herbs.