Cultural revival

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Cultural revival
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
07 September 2019 07 September 2019 Dilijan, Tavush free

The “Cultural Revival” Arts and Crafts Festival promotes the revival of region-specific arts and crafts. Since 2013 the festival presents exclusive pieces of carpet weaving, works of the decorative arts (pottery, blacksmithing, and woodworking) and national cuisine

This year the festival will take place in Dilijan city. During the festival, national musical instruments of different communities from across Armenia will be presented. The “Cultural Revival” Arts and Crafts Festival is included in the Association of Armenian Festivals. During the festival, you will have an opportunity to learn about Armenian national music and dances.

You will also have a chance to buy a carpet or a rug that you'll like.

Don't miss your chance to visit a city with amazing nature and lovely spirit and to know more about the culture of Armenia.