Sheep Shearing Festival

Event Organized by Strategic Development Agency (SDA) NGO

Sheep Shearing Festival
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
06 June 2020 06 June 2020 Khot, Syunik region Free

The Sheep Shearing Festival annually takes place in the Syunik region.

At the festival, you can watch the sheep shearing competition, participate in the organized games, enjoy national songs and dances, watch a street rope show, as well as enjoy the Syunik and Vayots Dzor harvest fair.

Sheep Shearing festival 

The Sheep Shearing Festival is gradually becoming a traditional holiday. The festival is fun, provides an opportunity to recall old traditions as well as to present products from local manufacturers.

Local products of Syunik Region

The peculiarity of the sheep shearing process in Armenia is that it is done with the help of special traditional scissors rather than mechanical devices.
Masters from other countries also take part in the festival and give sheep shearing masterclasses.

Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing festival