Hartak Workshop Festival

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Hartak Workshop Festival
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07 June 2019 08 June 2019 Gyumri, Shirak

 Hartak Workshop festival is two-day experience exchange festival and is a platform which gives an opportunity to share with experiences and knowledge in a non-formal atmosphere. In last 2017 year, Hartak festival was taken place in Gyumri, which is the cultural capital city of Armenia, with the accomplishment of practical master classes, lectures, and inspiring speeches. Festival’s main thematic emphasis is put on urban landscape and architecture. The idea was promoted by awakening Gyumri.

The program of the festival consists of 4 basic parts:

  1. Technology
  2. Do it yourself
  3. Culture
  4. Soul and body

•    Culture and technology

 Here are interesting experiments in the sphere of culture and technologies with music, drawing, design, digital tools, and engineer innovations.

•    Do it yourself

 In this part, the platform introduces local masters and some of the international guests: Bukoroshe who masters jeans’ procession, German environmentalist-carpet maker Sep and Canadian Maya who is the apologist in the sphere of national make-up.

•    Soul and Body

 During this part, there are held enjoyable and healthy master classes: Yoga, Cikug exercises, Veng Chun martial art, pantomime, discussions about the health of the soul, person’s freedom and development.
 Master classes are conducted by talented and experienced specialists not only from Gyumri and Yerevan but also from abroad. Besides master classes, there are also planned exhibitions, non-formal events promoting relations’ confirmation, tours, concerts and other recreational activities.
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