Honey and Berry Festival

Event Organized by ArPR Holding and Shamshadin Honey and Berry festival

Honey and Berry Festival
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
10 August 2019 11 August 2019 Berd, Tavush Province free

"Honey and berry festival" is an annual festival which aims to show the richness of the community to the world by emphasizing its importance as a center of honey and berry production.
This year "Shamshadin Honey and Berry festival" and ArPR Holding will organize 7th festival which will be held in the beautiful nature of Berd in the Sorians National Park.

This two-day lasting festival will start on August 11 with a traditional concert called "Jazz at the border," during which various jazz performances will sound.

On August 12, Shamshadin will present wild berries and honey to its guests, and the participants will have an opportunity to choose the best honey cake from all over Armenia. Ethnic song and dance, an interesting cultural programs will be provided.

August 11

•    Hospitality
•    "Jazz at the Border" Concert, State Jazz - with the orchestra led by Armen Hyusnunts and other orchestras
•    Relaxation and hospitality every evening
•    Overnight stay

August 12

•    Honey and berry pavilions, an exhibition-sale
•    A presentation of rural and national foods, canned food, provisions, drinks 
•    National music and dance
•    A competition of cakes with honey 
•    A presentation of carpet making, tapestry, handicraft, woodworking and other crafts that are typical to the region 
•    Children's Playground and Entertainment
•    Games and entertainment program

The process of transportation and accommodation is also very comfortable. Both on August 11 and 12 Yerevan-Berd buses will take the participants to the festival place, and on August 12, everyone will return to Yerevan together.

Overnight accommodation is possible both by bed and breakfast or through a tent camp.

The transportation costs of Yerevan-Berd-Yerevan is 6000 AMD
Staying overnight, tents, bed and breakfast costs 4000-7000 AMD