Ecotourism Festival

Event Organized by Association of young biologists & Jermuk development center

Ecotourism Festival
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
13 July 2019 14 July 2019 Artavan, Vayots Dzor Free

What is ecotourism? Ecotourism is a tour which aims to acquaint people with nature, its separate compounds (for ex. Landscapes, historical monuments, certain species of plants and animals) and historical memorials.
With the efforts of “Association of young biologists” and “Jermuk development center” non-governmental organizations there are held ecotourism festival in Armenia. The festival will be held not only in internal but also in international markets. It will avail the revelation of ecoregion resources.

 Vayots Dzor with its all surroundings is an ideal place for organizing Eco festival. Artavan which used to be called Agxach before has 46 historical memorials, a cemetery from 9-16 centuries, churches and khachkars (Armenian carved memorial stone) from the 10th century.

The main purpose of the festival is to cultivate the ecotourism in Armenia, as well to improve the level of social awareness about the protection of biodiversity. There will be stalls where inhabitants from local and neighboring communities will present rural food made by hand.

There are planned various activities: exhibition-sale of ecotourism services and agricultural products, walking tours in Eco railways, botanical trips, butterfly viewing, rodeo, evening star gazing and “Treasure Hunt” game. 
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