Festival of Honey and Berries

Festival of Honey and Berries

September 18, 2017

Every year in August takes place one of the tastiest festivals of Armenia.  In a beautiful and green Berd town (Tavush Region) is being organized the festival. If you are sweet lover this festival is for you. This day the center of honey making (Shamshadin) presents best of its honey and berries and the products made of them, as well as the tasting of the dishes.

The festival’s main goal is to attract foreigners to this little but wonderful country. The locals present the Armenian tastiest berries, drinks, honey and the cakes made of honey. During the feast, the professional cooks make Armenian traditional dishes. Als, the locals present their cultivated harvest, sweets, arts, and crafts. All the items you can buy right from the festival.

The event is accompanied by the national song and dances, the treatment of Armenian traditional dishes. There you will be able to taste the local’s, own handmade honey.

In 2018 the festival is on August 13, again in Berd town(Tavush Region).

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