Berd is one of the cities of Tavush Region. It is located on the left bank of the valley of Tavush River, 54 km east of the administrative center of Ijevan and 202 km far from Yerevan. The city is surrounded by not high mountains and borders on Khndzorut Mountain chain, the other edges borders on Tavush's mountains.

The city is located 909 m above sea level. The word "berd- բերդ" is an Armenian word which means castle and the city got its name from the local Tavush's castle. Near Berd is located the ruins of a famous castle which dates back to the 10th century, the churches Nor Varagavank and Khoranashat and cyclopean castle (1st millennium) and the Museum of Berd.

The first time the fortress was mentioned in the 10th century as a residence of Ashot Yerkat (Iron) and it was unique because it had a harmonious water supply. Since the 14th century, the castle was abandoned.

In the recordings, the town is mentioned as Berdagyugh, Tavuzghala, Tuzkala, Shlorut, and Volorut. The locals of the resident were killed and evicted from here and nowadays locals come from Artsakh, Georgia and different regions of Armenia.  Berd has developed food industry, cattle breeding, beekeeping, gardening, viticulture, cigarette, and potato cultivation.

There is a famous church - Saint Hovhannes in this town. Other places of interest are the museum of "Berd city's history and life. It was opened in 1981 as a branch of "Sardarapat's ethnography" museum which is not so far from the city, it is located in a beautiful place, near "Soran park".