The Armenian Bread

The Armenian Bread

September 11, 2017

The Armenian bread is an inseparable part of Armenian cuisine. We use a lot of bread and eat everything with bread. That’s why you will see a lot of bread on our tables. 

The Armenian Bread: Lavash

Armenian lavash is very famous not only in our country but all over the world. It is a cultural heritage of UNESCO. Lavash is baked in the tandoor. You can see this process and even get a master class in Armenia. Lavash is also baked in special ovens, but it does not have the taste of those which are being baked in the tandoor. By the way, Lavash is the only Armenian bread which can be kept for a long time. In that way, many housewives bake lavash and keep them for the winter season. When winter comes they sprinkle lavash with water, that's it. Lavash is ready.

The Armenian Bread: Matnakash

The other Armenian national bread is matnakash, baked from wheat flour and has an oval form. What could be more delicious than a sandwich (in Armenian Brdooch) with Armenian cheese and fresh greens? Even  American artist Rockwell Kent, admired with the taste of matnakash when visited Armenia( in the 1960s). This bread is being kept only a few days.

The Armenian Bread: Hrazdan

In Armenia, there is a city of Hrazdan, and this city has a special kind of bread with the same name. Hrazdan bread looks like a big pie. Matnakash and Hrazdan have a similar recept of baking, the only difference is in their shapes. 

So if you are sitting at the Armenian table, the first thing that they would treat you is the bread.

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