The Armenian Wine

The Armenian Wine

September 07, 2017

Every nation can say that they are ancient country but can't prove what they saying. Armenia is a nation that can do both of them. our benefit is that we can say and can prove. We are country that has a history and already 6000 years is producing the wine. And the additional proof of it is the first winery that had been discovered in Armenia.

Want to discover Armenia? Just drink a glass of wine and you will feel the history in just one glass.

Wine is one of the most national drinks of Armenia. Since the ancient times, Armenians cultivated grapes, they say that Armenians delivered the Armenian wine to ancient Babylon. According to the ancient legend, Noah was the first one who planted the grapevine in the Ararat valley. The climate and geographical conditions of Armenia provide the sweet taste of grapes which makes wine with high quality. The excavations showed that still in 6-5th BC Armenians started to cultivate wild grape. Armenia is considered to be the leading country in the territory.

Armenian grape

Our Legend, Charles Aznavour once said: "The specialty of the Armenian Wine is that you feel it, but you can describe it in words". 

Besides that Greek Historians, Herodotus and Strabo's mentioned about Armenian wine in their recordings. In 1939 Russian archaeologist Boris Piotrovski discovered wine stock and nearly 500 crocks in an Urartian fortress ( Karmir Blur which is situated in Erebuni fortress). The stocks have 2800 years history. After that in the area of Noravank were found other wineries from Middle Ages. Already, in 2011, during the excavations archaeologist were found the oldest winery and winemaking instrument in the world. It is located in Areni, Vayots Dzor Region.

The oldest winery of the world was found in Areni Village

For that reason, in the most famous wine-making town passes the festival of Wine, every year. The participants treat the guest with the best-produced wine. The festivals include many other performances, dancing and singing the traditional dances and songs. It became a very important event for the locals and wine lovers.

The other great festival is the “Artsakh’s Wine Festival”, first time took place in 2004. It includes the oldest and the unique traditions of winemaking ritual which begins by squeezing the grape, the treatment of Artsakh's national dishes and exhibitions. During the festival are presented the wine of Artsakh's 5 districts and Armenia. 

The most developed winemaking regions of Armenia are:

Vayots Dzor, the winemaking centers are Areni and Yeghegnadzor. 

Tavush Region; Ijevan and Dilijan

Kotayk Region;  Hrazdan, Abovyan, Yeghvard, Byureghavan

Aragatsotn Region; Ashtarak and Aparan

Shirak Region; Gyumri

Recently the Armenian wine was added to the list of best 15 winemaking countries of the world. The Armenian products are famous for their high substance of alcohol.

The industry of Winemaking has started since 1887 when famous Armenian trader Nerses Tairov opened the first company of wine and brandy in the territory of the former Yerevanyan fortress. According to the calculation of the Armenian winemakers, more than 55  local companies produce more than 100 types of wine. Every year are being produced approximately 6 million wine bottle.

One of the famous Armenian brands is the "Proshyans Wine and Brandy factory"․which was founded in 1987, in Yerevan. The factory has highly developed technology and winemaking traditions. Due to professional experts, natural products in their own gardens, high quality and developed technology the company reached the international recognition.

The other famous winemaking company is "Vedi Alco" which was founded in 1938. Later, in 1956 was opened the second branch of the company. They produce not only wine but also different vodka, cognac, and high-quality wines. The specialist, grape sorts(which are grown in Vayots Dzor and Ararat valley) and the new technology of the factory ensure the highest quality.

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