The Armenian Brandy

The Armenian Brandy

September 07, 2017

According to the legends, the history of the Armenian Cognac has started since the Noah's Ark landed Ararat mountain.They say Noy was the first who planted a grapevine in an Ararat valley.During the pagan period, Armenians had a custom of making a chrism with sweet aroma from thousand plants.

Then a winemaker with the name Pargev could distill alcohol from the chrism. He was a winemaker of Trdat King. In 66 Trdat with his retinue traveled to the Greek King Neron. The Greek Historians mentioned that when the King tasted the chrism, liked it very much. And till nowadays the Armenian Cognac is one of the national drinks of Armenia for which every Armenian is proud.

The Armenian Brandy

The history of Armenian brandy started in 1887 when Nerses Tairyan very famous Armenian trader founded the first Wine and Brandy Factory in Yerevan. Couldn't handle the company, Tairyan sold his factory to the Russian manufacturer Nikolay Shustov. The company "Shustov and sons" immediately showed the market the Armenian Brandy and reached success, especially in the Russian market.

In 1990 Shustov presented the brandy in Paris exhibition and recognized the best, winning  Grand Prix. In 1945, during the Yalta's conference, Winston Churchill first time tasted "Dvin"  brandy and "fell in love" with this Armenian beverage. Years later when Churchill was asked what was his secret of longevity, he answered: " Never be late for dinner, smoke Hawaiian cigar and drink Armenian cognac".

The legendary Dvin Cognac

The highest success of Shushtov was in 1913 when the factory of "Shustov and sons" became a provider of  Royal court of Russian Empire. That kind of authority had only 30 Russian and foreign producers. For reaching that title the product should participate in every state exhibitions and never get a complaint about the brandy.

In the same place of the Nerses Tairyan factory is the Yerevan's Brandy Company․In 1921 the factory became the property of the country. In 1948 the Yerevan's wine factory was separated from the  Yerevan's brandy. In 1998 the factory was in an international group of Pernod Ricard.

Ararat cognac is still one of the leading brandies in Armenia. If you are interested and want to see everything connected Brandy making? You have the opportunity to visit Ararat museum which is located in the same building of Brandy factory. Here you will be introduced to the legendary Armenian Cognac, its origin history, and secrets. During the tour, you will see old barrels, the stages of brandy production and taste different brandies.  

The Armenian cognac is considered a dessert drink and combines with peaches and chocolate.

One of the famous Armenian brands is the "Proshyans Brandy factory"․which was founded in 1987, in Yerevan. The factory has highly developed technology and winemaking traditions. Due to professional experts, natural products high quality and developed technology the company reached the international recognition.

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