100 Must in Armenia

Why Visit Armenia?

When planning your trip Armenia may not be the first place that many people would think to go but it is truly hidden wonderland when you discover its full beauty. You will find that a lot of tourists love coming to Armenia because of how beautiful and diverse this country is even despite its small geographical size. Armenia will bring you the longest ropeway in the world, the longest Zip-line in the world, absolutely delicious cuisine and most popular Armenian wine that is popular in the globe especially across Europe and US. You will love its ancient culture, hospitable people, live many amazing hikes, rich nature and wildlife. Backpackers can enjoy the thrill of exploring the unbeaten tracks while luxury seekers may find that they do indeed have many choices as well.

Armenian Nature for Health.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Henry David Thoreau Nature is Everywhere! Nature Heals! Nature Restores! Nature makes us happier. The recent research reveals that being in nature, breathing the clear air, viewing scenes of nature, looking at the calm waves of the water, hearing the birds singing decreases anger, stress, and fear, and the opposite increases the physical well-being, heart rate and blood pressure. Though Armenia is considered to be mountainous country, it has a rich nature where you can have unforgettable memories and experiences. The mountainous lakes, fresh and healthy air and curative springs are worth to be discovered and experienced. Come and discover this extraordinary country’s Nature and be healthy.


Piece of Armenia with You