6-Day Classical Tour in Armenia

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Even a month isn’t enough to discover Armenia. Every stone has its own story here and it’s even impossible to introduce the wonderful nature with words. This time we’ll try at least to get an idea about the history and country of the first Christian nation for 6 days.  

Age13+ Age
3 Person 6 Person 8 Person 10 Person 12 Person
560 tour.USD 490 tour.USD 470 tour.USD 455 tour.USD 440 tour.USD
Included Transfer from/to airport Transport Guide Accommodation Entrance tickets Masterclasses Breakfasts A bottle of water daily
Not Included Food Insurance
Important The price is for per person, depending on the number of people in a double room.
You can choose any other hotel in Armenia (some changes are possible in the price).
The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants.

Tour Plan

  1. Day 1: Arrival, transfer to hotel

    We’ll pick you up at the airport and transfer to the hotel. You’ll get familiar with all the details of the tour.

  2. Day 2: Megerian Carpet, Cognac-Brandy Factory, Etchmiadzin, An evening walk around Yerevan

    The next day to your arrival at Armenia will be full. You’ll visit the Megerian Carpet where you’ll meet ancient more than a hundred years old Armenian rugs. Some examples of Megeryan carpets are introduced in the palace of the English queen, in the presidential residences of Armenia, Russia, Georgia, France, China, Egypt, Bulgary, Sweden, and more countries, as well as in the altar of the church in San Lazzaro Island.
    Then we’ll visit the “Ararat” Yerevan Brandy Factory together. There you’ll get familiar with the secrets of the Armenian cognac and taste it. By the way, Winston Churchill considered the Armenian cognac to be one of the reasons for his longevity.
    The next direction is the Armenian holy city Etchmiadzin, St Hripsime, and St Gayane churches. Then we’ll visit “Mechanents Tun” to enjoy the Armenian delicious cuisine and familiarize with the Armenian handicraft.
    We’ll return back to our rosy capital and enjoy an evening Yerevan walk - Cascade, Swan Lake, Opera House, North Avenue.

  3. Day 3: Yerevan-Mastara-Harichavank-Gyumri

    On the 3rd day, we’ll go to the father city of Armenia - Gyumri. This is a city where the old and the new meet. We’ll walk around the churches and monasteries, museums and streets that speak much about city history. Overnight․

  4. Day 4: Lori Fortress, Kobayr Monastery, Odzun, Haghpat, Akhtala

    On the 4th day of the tour, we’ll visit the Lori province to explore the medieval fortress of Lori, Dendropark in Stepanavan, and some historical monasteries including Haghpat which is one in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Overnight in Lori.

  5. Day 5: Dilijan, National Park, Lake Parz, Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank,, Sevan, Noratus, Hayravank, Sevanavank

    On the 5th day of our excursion, you’ll enjoy your stay in the heart of the Armenian magic nature and the historical and cultural hidden values. 

    We’ll have a tour in one of the most beautiful cities - Dilijan. We’ll visit the Dilijan National Park, Lake Parz, Haghartsin, and Goshavank monastery complexes. 

    Then we’ll direct to the blue-eyed Sevan lake, which Armenians consider to be their sea. There we’ll identify Sevanavank and Hayravank churches, and the cemetery of the Noratus khachkars (Armenian cross-stones). Then we’ll return back to Yerevan.

  6. Day 6: Departure

    You’ll transfer back to the airport and get ready for your departure.

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