The Architectural Museum of Gyumri


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The Architectural Museum of Gyumri or Dzitoghtsyan Museum of National Architecture is the most attractive and the most visited museum in Gyumri. Once it was famous a house of Dzitoghtsyan family which was built by 4 brothers in 1872. They migrated from the Western Armenian village of Dzitogh to the city of Alexandropol(now Gyumri).  The building has a beautiful look because it was built by the famous Armenian red Tufa stone.

The house exhibits a collection of the Gyumri's social life characteristics, from the 19th century up to the 1920s. It also presents the cultural, architectural and religious aspects of the city and of course, the proud history of a city. The most interesting fact is that inside of the building is decorated with traditional Armenian rugs and other decoration.

The Architectural Museum is divided into two parts; on the first floor you can see the pictures of well-known figures of Gyumri, as well as famous people like Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and Jacques Cousteau. Here you can also see the furniture of Dzitoghtsyans which hasn't been changed from the original form. The most interesting thing is the piano which was brought from Italy and other parts of furniture from Europe. In that part,  you will see the modern works of local artists, handmade rugs, and carpets. In the second room, you will see the old pictures of Gyumri and the old map of the Alexsandrapol. This room has a unique decoration with the collection of different keys.


Working hours

The Museum is open:

From Tuesday to Saturday     10:00-17:00

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National Holidays and Memorial Days

The entrance is 1000 AMD.

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