icon-mapGosh 3907, Tavush Region, Republic of Armenia


Goshavank is medieval monastery complex. It is located in Gosh town (Tavush Region), at the left bank of Getik River. The previous name of the church was Nor Getik, but after the death of Mkhitar Gosh, who was famous Armenian scientist, historian, parable writer, and teacher the church was renamed Goshavank. Once this church was remarkable religious educational and cultural center, where 25 years lived and worked Gosh. The monastery had a school and university where were kept numerous manuscript. In the school were taught foreign Armenian, Latin and Greek, Grammar, Philosophy, music, drawing and etc.

The complex includes two churches, courtyard, two-storey writing house, bell tower, many khachkars(cross-stones). Near the monastery is a small domed church called Saint Gevorg.

Goshavank was built by Mkhitar Gosh and Duke Ivane Zakarian in 1188. The written inscriptions prove the first church was Saint Hovhannes Karapet, and then in 1191 was built the main church of the complex which is Saint Astvatsatsin. The architecture of Saint Astvatsatsin and chapel of Saint Hripsime was Mkhitar Hyusn. In church area, there are the remains of Mkhitar Gosh and a memorial monument which was built in 1958. In 1972 was founded the museum of Goshavank.