12-Day Hiking Tour in Armenia

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Hiking Tour in Armenia

Age13+ Age
3 Person 6 Person 8 Person 10 Person 12 Person
820 tour.USD 750 tour.USD 720 tour.USD 690 tour.USD 660 tour.USD
Included Accommodation Breakfast in hotel Guide Transfer Tents A bottle of water daily Candies
Not Included Food Water
Important The price is for per person, depending on the number of people in a double room.
You can choose any other hotel in Armenia (some changes are possible in the price).
The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants.

Tour Plan

  1. Day 1: Arrival. Transfer to hotel.
  2. Day 2: Yerevan - Khor Virap - Amaghu - Noravank - Smbataberd - Yeghegis

    Your first day in Armenia will be dedicated to discovering the southern part of the country. In the morning you’ll be picked up from your hotel in Yerevan and transferred to Khor Virap - a pearl of the early Christian era, overlooking the fertile Ararat plain with its biblical mountain which was a significant cradle of Armenian civilization.

    Later we’ll go to our first Hiking trail located in the Vayots Dzor region - an important stronghold of the Armenian nobility, located in the village of Amaghu. From here we begin the descent through a gorge reminding about the west of America. The gorge leads to the Noravank monastery - a medieval masterpiece of the 13th century. After exploring this architectural pearl, you’ll be transferred to the village of Artabuynk where our second hike will begin.

    You’ll visit the monastery of Tsakhats Kar, hidden in the proudly rising mountains, and then go down to Smbataberd fortress - a treasure of the Armenian Bagratuni Kingdom. Your day will end with a descent to the village of Yeghegis and rest in a cozy guest house.
    14 km hiking, 6 hours.

  3. Day 3: Yeghegis - Spitakavor - Vernashen - Gerger

    Having breakfast, we’ll go to the village of Gladzor where we’ll discover a magnificent museum dedicated to the medieval Armenian University. Many intellectuals and famous thinkers of the Armenian church studied there. Then we’ll go on a hike to get to Spitakavor church, hidden in the mountains. After this journey, we’ll go to Geghard, where we’ll see the church of St. Zion. At the end of the day, you can relax in a comfortable guest house in Gerger - Gohar’s Guest House (Yeghegnadzor). 15 km hiking, 8 hours.

  4. Day 4: Gerger - Tatev - Goris

    In the morning, our comfortable automobile will take us to the southernmost region of Armenia, Syunik. On the way, we’ll stop to admire the megalithic complex of Carahunge - the “Armenian Stonehenge”. Then we’ll be transferred to our route in the Vorotan gorge from where we’ll go to the Tatev monastery. In the resistance to foreign invasions, the monastery was an important cultural, political and military center for Armenians. Then we’ll take the ropeway of Tatev to Halidzor, where our driver will meet us and take to Goris. There we’ll have dinner and spent the night in a cozy and hospitable guest house.
    6 km hiking, 3 hours.

  5. Day 5: Goris - Noratus

    Early in the morning, we’ll explore Goris with its magical chapels located in Old Goris. We’ll go to the Lasti Khut hill which dominates the city and offers a breathtaking view. After we go down to the hill, we’ll have lunch in our guest house and continue our way to the Northern region of the country.

    We’ll go to the Lake Sevan but before we’ll explore the Selim pass and caravanserai which was once served as a stop for travelers of trade routes. Then we’ll arrive at the Noratus village where we’ll experience the largest ensemble of khachkars (cross-stones) of the present Republic of Armenia. We’ll have a picnic and go to our guest house located in the village.

    4 km hiking, 2 hours.

  6. Day 6: Noratus - Drakhtik - Kalavan - Gosh

    Early in the morning, we’ll move to the Sevan island to see the 9th-century monastery of Sevanavank and the panoramic view of the lake with our own eyes. Later our passion towards the hiking will take us to the village of Drakhtik located on the slopes of the Areguni mountain massif. We’ll move from the meadows to the wooded mountains and finally, reach the village of Kalavan after a picnic.

    Our car will be waiting for us at the village of Dprabak from where we’ll be taken to the Gosh village the birthplace of the Armenian cleric and theorist of medieval Armenian Law Mkhitar Gosh. Here we’ll also explore Goshavank monastery. We’ll again enjoy our packed lunch, then rest in our comfortable guest house located in the village.

    18 km hiking, 7-8 hours.

  7. Day 7: Gosh - Dilijan - Ijevan

    Today we’ll go to the nearby rather dense forest of Gosh where you can see a small magical lake. Then we’ll come back to the monastery and move on to Dilijan. We’ll choose the second way which will lead us to 2 monasteries hidden in the deep forests: Jukhtak monastery and Matosavank. After all, we’ll enjoy our well-deserved rest to discover the resort town Dilijan. At the end of the day, we’ll go to Ijevan to have overnight in the capital of the province.
    10 km hiking, 4-5 hours.

  8. Day 8: Ijevan - Yenokavan - Ijevan

    During the 8th day, we’ll enjoy our stay at the mountainous village of Yenokavan which offers dense forest landscapes that remind us about Switzerland. We’ll start trekking from Lastiver located at the bottom of a fairy-tale valley. Here we may swim in the river and fabulous waterfalls.  

    After our picnic in this paradise, we’ll return to Yenokavan and yet have some free time. At your desire (at your expense) you can enjoy a variety of activities offered in Yell Extreme Park (horse riding, zip-lining, etc). In the evening, we’ll return back to our cottage in Ijevan.

    5 km hiking, 3-4 hours.

  9. Day 9: Ijevan - Kirants - Akhtala - Haghpat

    After getting a peaceful sleep, we’ll direct to the South to explore the Kirants monastery which represents an architectural style of various influences. A beautiful forest seems to embrace this ancient structure. Having a picnic near the monastery, we’ll go down the mountain and sit in our car which will take us to the green land of Lori province near the Georgian border, rich in meadows and lush valleys.

    Our exploration will take us to the Akhtala monastery famous for its frescos. Then we’ll return back to our camp in the town of Alaverdi where we’ll place tents near the Haghpat monastery which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    20 km hiking, 6-7 hours.

  10. Day 10: Haghpat - Sanahin - Odzun - Haghpat

    The next day of our adventurous tour will be dedicated to Lori, where we’ll get familiar with the most beautiful places of our residence. The day begins with a visit to Haghpat monastery then we’ll start hiking to the Kusanats desert, Zarni Ayr, Kayanaberd, St Karapet church and Sanahin monastery, which is one of the most famous Armenian architectural masterpieces included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    Our trip will lead us to the 7-storey tower and the ancient bridge of Sanahin, located on the river Debed. We’ll reveal the landscapes of steep canyons and divine green forests during the tour. At the end of the day, we’ll arrive at Odzun monastery where the impressive 5th-century building overlooks the Debed valley. After the visit, we’ll return to our camp in Haghpat.
    9 km hiking, 4-5 hours.

  11. Day 11: Odzun Lake Kari - Mount Aragats - Yerevan

    Our last day includes hiking the highest peak of the present Republic of Armenia - Aragats (4.090 meters above sea level). For this reason, we’ll leave Odzun very early and go to the central part of Aragatsotn, where our car will take us to lake Kari: a beautiful mountainous lake with crystal clear water, located at an altitude of 3185 meters above sea level. We will start climbing the southern peak of Aragats and enjoy a delicious picnic on its summit. We’ll take the pleasure of the charming nature from the very top. Later we’ll go down the mountain and our driver will take care of our safe transfer to our hotel in Yerevan.
    14 km hiking, 7-8 hours.  

  12. Day 12: Transfer to the airport, flight.


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