Ijevan is the capital of Tavush region. It is located on the banks of River Aghstev at the foot of Ijevan ridge of Gugark Mountains. The name of the city means ‘inn, hotel’; as the area of modern-day Ijevan used to have many roadside inns which served the travellers of the international trade routes which passed through this territory. 

They say that when King Artavazd I built the city of Ijevan, he gathered there thousands of beautiful girls and handsome boys from all parts of Armenia so that they would get married and have beautiful children. Thus the residents of Ijevan say that they are the heirs of those beautiful first inhabitants of the city. 

Sights of Ijevan

The town of Ijevan has a beautiful Botanical Garden founded in 1962. The plant collection of the garden includes over 625 species and varieties. The place is ideal to stroll and enjoy the fantastic nature. There is also a beautiful park in the centre of the city and a lake called Spitak Jur where locals like to spend time and have a rest.

The famous Makaravank Monastery of the 10th century at the village of Achajur is not far from Ijevan. The Monastery is situated in the picturesque forest of Tavush Region. It is a favourite tourist destination in Armenia. Another popular tourist destination in Ijevan is Arakelots Monastery of Kirants. This ancient monastery dates back to the 13th century. 

Only a few kilometres north of Ijevan is the village of Yenokavan where famous Yell Extreme Park is located. The park offers more than 8 unusual and creative activities and is recognized as one of the most unique amusement parks of the region. The most popular attraction of the park is the zip-line. Actually there are 5 ziplines on the height of 300-500 m above the ground. 

The Apaga resort just in the middle of the forest welcomes its guests in Yenokavan. The resort looks like a fairy tale so if you are an extreme rest lover and nature lover, this place is perfect for you.

Ijevan is famous as a major centre for traditional Armenian handmade rugs and carpets. The largest carpet factory in the South Caucasus is situated in Ijevan. The city is also famous for its Wine-Brandy Factory, a leading enterprise of Armenia for the production of wine and cognac. So in Ijevan you can watch the rug-making process and taste real Armenian wine.



Makaravank monastery is located on the slopes of Paytataph mount, in Tavush Region. It was built in the 13th century.The Makaravank Monastery in its uniqueness, richness, and diversity occupies an important place in Armenian architecture.

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