Ijevan is the capital of Tavush region. It is located right in the center of the region and is surrounded by the Gugark Mountains near Aghstev River. The name of the city means hotel; this city has always served as roadside inns for foreign travelers. The legend says that King Artavasdes 1st after building the city gathered all the pretty girls and handsome boys here; they would get married and would have beautiful babies. So they say that the generation of Ijevan is very beautiful.

The popular lake in Ijevan is Spitak Jur. It is a very beautiful place and you can visit here just to have a good rest. Ijevan is famous for the rug making the city of Armenia. Here you will see the real beauty of Armenian traditional rugs and carpets. You will be able to see the making process of the rugs. If you are a wine lover, this place is for you. Here you will taste the tasteful wines of Armenia. You can be able to see the making process of the wine, taste them and also buy drinks just from the shop of the factory.

Sights of Ijevan

The other treasure of this city is the Botanical Garden of Ijevan. Here you will see very rare types of plants, trees, and flowers. At the center of the city is located the Central Park of Ijevan; it is a nice place where you can walk all over the park and enjoy this view. There is an Achajur village Near Ijevan where you can see Makaravank Monastery which is considered to be the historical monument of Armenian Architecture. In the forest, you can find a beautiful purple and green stone complex.

The other place that is a very popular destination for tourists is Arakelots Monastery of Kirants. This ancient monastery dates back to the 13th century. The Ijevan Sanatorium is a very popular place which is surrounded by thick forest.

The Yenoqavan village is summer resort in Tavush and has become the most visited place. Yell Extreme Park is located in Yenoqavan village; it is the first extreme park in Armenia. Here took place the first zip-line flight. A year later opened the Rope Park where you can do rope climbing exercises and zip-lines. Anyone can try these sports elements; you don’t need to have climbing techniques or physical fitness experience.

So if you are an extreme rest lover and meantime nature lover, this place is a perfect place for you, come and experience these activities and discover yourself.



Makaravank monastery is located on the slopes of Paytataph mount, in Tavush Region. It was built in the 13th century.The Makaravank Monastery in its uniqueness, richness, and diversity occupies an important place in Armenian architecture.

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