Noravank Monastery


icon-map3604, Vayots Dzor Region, Republic of Armenia


Noravank is a monastery complex which was built in the13th -14th centuries. It is located near Amaghu town, Vayots Dzor Region. According to Stepanos Orbelian, the church was a sanctuary. At the beginning of the 13th century, Noravank was the spiritual center of Syunik Region. Here worked famous Armenian architects Siranes and Momik. 

The monastery includes the main church Saint Karapet, Saint Grigor and Saint Astvatsatsin, the courtyard and the mausoleum of Duke Smbat. In the western side of the church are remains of ancient buildings. The main church of the Noravank Monastery was built Liparit Orbelian in 1216-1223. The courtyard was built after the construction of the church. In 1321 the courtyard was destroyed by the earthquake, the reconstruction of it did a remarkable sculptor and architect Momik.

The second church of the monastery is the Saint Astvatsatsin which was built in 1339. It is two-storey mausoleum called Burtelashen named after Duke Burtel Orbelian, who built this church which is considered to be the last masterpiece of Momik. Noravank complex is included in the UNESCO tentative list since1995.

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