Byureghavan is a town in the Kotayk Province of Armenia located 16 kilometres (10 miles) northeast of Yerevan. The area of the present-day town was part of the "Kotayk" canton of Ayrarat province during the ancient Kingdom of Armenia.

The name of the city came from the Armenian words "byuregh" - meaning glass and "avan" meaning settlement. The town was established in 1945 to accommodate the workers of the nearby bottle and glass manufacturing company.

Byureghavan is standing on Kotayk plateau on the left side of Hrazdan gorge, at a height of 1,300 meters above sea level. From the east, it is surrounded by Gegham mountains and Mount Hatis. 

The town is situated near the "Arzni" sanatorium which is famous for its mineral water. The legend says that Shamiram treated the wounds of Ara Geghetsik with the healing water of Arzni. So you can come here for treatment and rest. The climate of Byureghavan is cool in summer and mildly cold in winter.

There is an art school, a library, a house of culture and a dance ensemble called “Byuregh” in the town.