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Tasty Armenia

Anyone who has tasted Armenian cuisine would surely assure you that it’s unique. During our Gastronomic tour in Armenia, you can not only taste different dishes of Armenian cuisine but also take part in the preparation.

This tour will give you a chance to visit families in the countryside, enjoy the fresh mountainous air, and taste the unique and delicious dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine. 

Choosing a gastronomic tour to Armenia, you’ll have an opportunity to bake traditional Armenian Lavash, delicious Dolma, taste the famous Armenian wine and world-famous Ararat Brandy.

During our tour, you’ll get a true taste of Armenian cuisine, moreover, you’ll be amazed by the spirit and hospitality of Armenians. 

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480 tour.USD 440 tour.USD 425 tour.USD 395 tour.USD 385 tour.USD
Included Transfers Guide Hotels Breakfasts Entrance Tickets Tastings Masterclasses A Bottle of Water Daily Armenian Sweets
Not Included Airtickets Food Insurance
Important The price is for per person, depending on the number of people in a double room.
You can choose any other hotel in Armenia (some changes are possible in the price).
The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants

Tour Plan

  1. Day 1: Arrival, Transfer to hotel, A walk in Yerevan

    The tour will begin with a city walk in Yerevan - an ancient city that is older than the eternal city of Rome. Today Yerevan is a lively and charming city with green parks, pink buildings, cheerful and hospitable people. From the observation platform in Victory Park, you can admire the whole city from a bird’s eye view.

    The walk will continue to the Cascade. This unique building is a Museum of Modern Art, as well as a favorite place of the inhabitants of Yerevan. Then you’ll walk along the main street of the city and see the Opera and Ballet Theatre and several central streets of Yerevan. In the evening you can enjoy a welcoming dinner and taste wine at the wine restaurant.

  2. Day 2: Saghmosavank - Amberd - Voskevaz Winery - Yerevan

    In the morning you’ll go to the Saghmosavank monastery, located on the top of the Kasakh river gorge. As soon as you get to the monastery the amazing view of the canyon will be opened in front of you. You’ll continue our way to Amberd Fortress proudly standing at the slopes (2300 m. above sea level) of the Mount Aragats. Once Amberd was the birthplace of the Pahlavuni princes and was a strategically important stronghold of the Bagratuni Armenian kings.

    Having lunch you’ll go to a real wine castle. This is Voskevaz Winery the name of which is translated as “Golden bouquet”. You will have a wonderful tour of this old winery. You’ll get acquainted with all the stages of wine fermentation and taste the wines that received gold and silver medals at the exhibition MUNDUS VINI, held in Germany.

  3. Day 3: Geghard - Garni - Baking Lavash - Ararat Brandy Factory

    Having breakfast at the hotel, you’ll go to the picturesque canyon of the Azat river, where the Geghard cave monastery is located. You’ll continue your journey to the pagan temple of Garni (dating back to the 1st century AD) - the only surviving example of Hellenistic architecture in the Caucasus region. The surrounding landscape with the deep gorge of the Azat river and the Geghama mountain range gives the temple a distinct charm.

    Your lunch will be served outdoors, accompanied by a traditional demonstration of baking Lavsh in tondir (oven in the ground). Hot, freshly baked Lavash with cheese and fresh greens, smells fantastic and worth a try.

    You’ll continue your tour to Yerevan to enjoy the finest cognac company Ararat. The tradition of cognac making in Armenia dates back to the 19th century. The Ararat trademark of Yerevan Brandy Factory is known all over the world.

  4. Day 4: Khor Virap - Areni - Noravank - Hermon

    Having breakfast, you’ll head south to Khor Virap monastery, which offers the best view of Mount Ararat. On clear weather, the biblical Ararat seems so close, as if it stretches on the hand.

    You’ll continue your journey to the second-largest wine region in Armenia, the valley of the Arpa River. This region is well-known for its endemic grape variety Areni. The archeologists have found the oldest winery and shoes in the caves of Areni. 

    The next stop will be Noravank monastery - another gem of the Armenian architecture which stands in the valley of the red rock. Then you’ll go to the wine factory in Areni, where you’ll be treated to local wines.

    After lunch, you’ll go to a cozy country-hotel in the village of Hermon, located in a valley of charming beauty. At dinner, the hospitable hosts will share the most valuable skills of cooking Armenian barbecue. The appetizing aroma of barbecue cooked with your own hands - what else could sound more tempting?

    The hotel has all the conveniences for a cozy evening rest.

  5. Day 5: Silk Road: Selim Caravanserai - Lake Sevan - Wine and Cheese Tasting

    On this day, you’ll have a very picturesque journey along the section of the Great Silk Road. Here you’ll get the opportunity to see one of the well-preserved caravanserais, where merchants and travelers stayed overnight during their journey.

    In a few kilometers, you’ll arrive at the blue-eyed Lake Sevan - one of the highest and largest freshwater lakes in the world, located about 2000 meters above sea level.

    Have you ever tried cheese aged in wine? If not, you’ll have such an opportunity, because we’ll organize a meeting with an interesting person who prepares such delicacies with great success. There will also be a masterclass of making cheese. A little later you’ll enjoy a pleasant time on lake Sevan.

  6. Day 6: Transfer to airport, flight.

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