icon-mapSaghmosavan 0211, Republic of Armenia

Saghmosavank is located in the eastern part of Sagmosvan village,  Aragatsotn region. The church is situated on the right bank of Kasakh River, at the edge of canyon․ According to the legend Gregory the Illuminator was the founder of the church. It is one of the popular medieval churches in Armenia which was important cultural and spiritual center.

They say that once, Saint Gregory moved to the Mount Aragats and built two chapels. In one of them were classes of psalm-singing and that’s why it was called Saghmosac chapel. “Saghmos” is Armenian word which means “psalm” - a spiritual song or lyric poetry. But actually, Sagmosavank is mentioned in historical sources only at the end of 12th century. The main church of the Saghmosavank monastery was built in 1215 by Vache Vachutyanthe who was the King of Aragatsot. 

As the complex once was a famous educational center, for some time Grigor Tatevatsi taught in that school. Then it was a writing center, and some manuscripts written in this monastery reached our days. One of the famous works of this center was  "Tcharentir' copied by Markos and Mkhitar writers. In 1267 Vardan Areveltsi founded a school where Gevorg Skevratsi copied "Tonapatchar" collection(nowadays is in Etchmiadzin cathedral).

The monastery complex includes Saint Sion, and Saint Astvatsatsin churches, courtyard and writing house.

St Sion is the main church of the complex, founded by Prince Vache Vachutyan in 1215. It belongs to domed-style churches which has a rectangular hall with two two-storey vestries. The entrance is from the western part. The church facades are decorated with "Armenian holes"

The courtyard of the church is located in the western part of St.Sion. The founder was again Vache Vachutyan during 1215-1235. It is four-pillar building having an interesting roof system and considered to be a unique sample of Armenian architecture. The writing house is located in the main church and in the south-eastern part of the courtyard.

The founders were Kurd Vachuttyan and his wife Khorishah in honor of their dead daughter Mamakhatun in 1255. In the construction of the plan, this house differs from other writing centers. In the eastern part of the house is the altar and on the walls are holes. The only entrance of the house is from the western part.

St. Astvatsatsin Church is located in the southern part of St.Sion, near at the eastern part of the writing house. It is vaulted building and has a rectangular base with arched altar: it was built in 1235. The cemetery or churchyard is located in the northern part of the complex with many rare khachkars and monuments. Once the complex was surrounded by semi-circular pyramid gates.

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