A walk in Yerevan

A walk in Yerevan

September 15, 2017

It is very difficult to describe Yerevan in a few sentences; the city has its own color, taste, sound, and atmosphere. The city is beautiful at any time of the year. In springs the city flourishes, the green trees surround this lovely city. In summers the city has other colors, the city life continues until midnight. In the streets you will see a lot of people, tourists just walking in the streets of lovely Yerevan.

Yerevan in spring

The autumns have another beauty; all the green trees change their color wearing the beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange. The winters are cold, but the city is special in a unique way, the streets are decorated and designed for the New Year.

Yerevan in Autumn

If you have a free day, and you don’t know what to do, you just go outside and walk in the streets of Yerevan. Though this city is not big enough for the capital, it still remains the most important city in Armenia. You can start your day by visiting the Republic Square, the most important place in the city. It is beautiful especially at nights when the lights turn on and the beautiful buildings stand in front of you. But don’t hurry up to leave this square; you need to see a miracle, the singing fountains.

Singing Fountains of Republic Square

After the square take your way to the Northern Avenue (right at the left part of the square), a new street with new buildings. There are a lot of cafés and restaurants, where you can sit and enjoy the look of the city. Walking up to Northern Avenue you will see a beautiful building of Opera Theatre. All around the building, there are cafés, restaurants with the beautiful look of the city. On the left side, you will see Swan Lake, it has the shape of lovely Sevan. Swan Lake is the favorite place for the youth, there will be a lot of people sitting under the trees or in nice benches.

Opera House

After moving ahead you will appear at a crossroad, where you can choose your way because three famous avenues of Yerevan are in front of you; Sayat-Nova, Marshal Baghramyan, and Mesrop Mashtots Avenues. At the same time, you can choose Tumanyan St, which is very beautiful or Abovyan St, where are the luxurious shops of Yerevan.

If you are already tired from the long walk in the streets of Yerevan, the only place where you can go, sit and relax is the Cascade stairways. This is a perfect place for just relaxing, you can rise up the top of the stairways and the whole Yerevan with its beauty will open in front of you. No doubt, there you will understand that Yerevan is beautiful, especially at nights.

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