The best things to do in Armenia in each season

The best things to do in Armenia in each season

December 05, 2019

Spring is a great time to visit and explore Armenia. The main tourist sites are empty, accommodation prices lower, and temperatures fresh.

Tourists can also enjoy Armenian culture and traditional way of life without the distraction of hundreds of other tourists.

Explore the beautiful mountainous countryside

Spring in Armenia

Spring is, without doubt, the season for nature to show itself off. With the warmer temperatures following winter and small amounts of precipitation, they swiftly bring the country into bloom. In the major cities, such as Yerevan, their plentiful number of parks turn into seas of reds, blues, and pinks as flowers and plants that have lay dormant for months suddenly burst into life. These bring an air of positivity to urban areas and transform otherwise dull green spaces for a few months of the year.

In the countryside, large expanses of meadows and mountain foothills full of colourful wildflowers are even more spectacular with miles upon miles of different shades lighting up the fields.

But it’s not only on the ground, which makes for pleasant viewing. The trees also produce pink and purple flowers and later generate flavorsome fruits and berries.

Celebrating Armenia’s women

Every year, from March 8 to April 7, the whole country celebrates the intelligence, beauty, and power of Armenian women. Each day during this month is meant for women to be respected and feel empowered. Men usually show their admiration for women, giving them presents like flowers and other gifts.

Yerevan celebrates March 8

The month kicks off with International Women’s Day and closes with the Day of Motherhood and Beauty. Restaurants and bars offer discounts for women on International Women’s Day itself, and banks offer special loans

Best for outdoor activities in Armenia

The cooler weather of spring is perfect for those who enjoy high-energy, adrenaline-fuelled pursuits. Ziplining, paragliding and bungee jumping are all available for those who are wishing to put themselves on the line! They also allow people to enjoy the dramatic spring scenery.

Zipline in Armenia

In fact, the perfect place for ziplining is in Arabkir public park in Yerevan, the longest zipline in the region. It stretches between the Arakbir and Ajapnyak districts, with the two lines being 870m and 650m, respectively.

Paragliding in Armenia

Unsurprisingly, spring also presents the chance for hiking enthusiasts to enjoy the more mountainous areas of the country and do any other physical outdoor activities.

Summer in Armenia

Taking shelter from the heat

Summer in Armenia

The summer months are much hotter, with temperatures regularly reaching up to 35C. This gives a chance for many visitors to enjoy the array of bars and restaurants in Yerevan and other cities. Over 2000 water fountains, called ‘pulpulaks’, can be found across the capital, allowing passers-by to enjoy clean mineral spring water and keep people refreshed.

Spacious public parks with ample tree cover and numerous roadside cafes allow tourists to relax and cool down from the intense heat. Outside the bustling urban areas, stunning countryside and traditional way of life go hand in hand with each other presenting the opportunity for visitors to take in both geographical and cultural Armenian traditions.

Vardavar in Armenia

Every July, thousands of Armenians take part in a water holiday called ‘Vardavar’. An ancient Pagan celebration of the country’s Apostolic Church, the festival involves people throwing water over each other. By doing this, it is considered a blessing and a sign of cleansing.

Both locals and tourists take advantage of this amass of water to relieve themselves from the scorching temperatures and, most importantly, to have fun. If you’re trying to stay out of the madness, beware of mischievous children creeping up on you with buckets of water.


Autumnal leaves and the traditional barbecue festival.

Barbecue Festival in Armenia

Autumn is one of the most interesting seasons for people to visit, once again, because of the change in nature. Trees’ green leaves during the summer months change to the vibrant, eye-catching orange and yellow hues, promptly hailing the announcement of autumn.

With almost all public parks transforming into paradises of colour and the heat of summer left behind, it is argued these months are some of the best times to visit in.

The annual barbecue festival, held in the northern city of Akhtala, brings the advent of autumn to Armenia. Chefs from restaurants, bars, and different organisations descend on the city every August 18 to compete for the coveted prizes of ’best flavour, best appearance, and best concept’.

Barbecue Festival in Armenia

Tonnes of food ranging from pork, beef, and mutton to fish and even vegetables are roasted on open coal barbecues. To celebrate the occasion, traditional and modern music is played along with theatrical performances from various art and theatre schools perform for the masses.

Commonly called ‘khorovats’ in Armenian, this meal is considered a special treat for many Armenian families, so it is perhaps not surprising that people stream in from around the country to experience and enjoy the festivities.



Skiing in Armenia

Winter is common time, like many other countries, for people to enjoy Christmas festivities and spend time with their families. But Armenia also boasts opportunities for keen skiers to take to the slopes of the country’s many mountains during the coldest months of the year. Resorts such as Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, and Sevan offer opportunities for people from beginner stage to advanced level to enjoy the amazing skiing conditions.

Tsaghkadzor-winter resort in Armenia

Lying in the beautiful Marmarik valley and set at 1,700 meters, Tsaghkadzor is the perfect place for people to whizz up and down the slopes whilst also appreciating the breathtaking scenery of the Tsaghkunyats mountains.

Many of its slopes remain untouched, where virgin snow is in abundance and remains soft in all conditions. Temperatures in this resort are also mild- averaging at around -9C, but snow levels can reach up to 1.4m.

Published December 5, 2019
Article by Thomas Hunt

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