Shopping in Yerevan,  Armenia

Shopping in Yerevan, Armenia

June 06, 2018

Travel and buy nothing? No, that is impossible, isn’t it? I adore shopping and as an Armenian, I’ll tell you what to buy from my “colorful” country and where.  Let’s start with shopping in Yerevan.

Armenian Fashion Brands

As a capital and the main city, Yerevan has gathered everything in his heart. You can find not only luxurious shops like Yerevan Mall, Dalma Garden, and Rossia Mall but also numerous boutiques, souvenir shops, galleries and etc.

Armenian Fashion Brands

But I think it isn’t interesting because you can buy brandy clothes in your country too. Instead of that, I recommend you get to know Armenian Fashion Brands - Kivera Naynomis, Shadoyan Fashion, Petoor, Loom Weaving, RUZANE, Z.G.EST, NAGHASH, Faina, “Aram Nikolyan” and not only. Maybe you will find your new and interesting style.

Where to buy souvenirs in Yerevan

What do we always buy for our friends from our traveling? Yes, you’re right, souvenirs. Armenia is a real museum for gifts. The first shop that I can tell is open-air weekend market Vernissage where you can find traditional handmade works, national musical instruments, souvenirs, silver and gold jewelry, rugs, household items and other cultural works.

Where to buy souvenirs in Yerevan

To go there for 15 minutes is impossible. Your eyes can’t choose anything very fast. Enjoy every minute in this museum-market. You can buy Armenian souvenirs from Gift Boutique, Salt Sack, TADE, Irin Exart and so on. Of course, they differ from each other and you can visit all of them and find what you really want.
If you want something special for you or your family and friends Ardean is for you. There you can find artworks, home and women’s accessories and. Here you’ll feel the spirit of Armenian culture. Just visit this shop even if you don’t buy anything.


Now about real art. Gala Art Gallery is located at 12 Byron St. Here are shown the works of modern, contemporary artists and sculptors. Sometimes you can be lucky to participate in frequently organized exhibitions. During a walking tour in Yerevan don’t miss Saryan’s park.

Galleries in Yerevan

Every morning a lot of painters bring their pictures and place them here so that visitors can buy them or simply enjoy. They add a specific taste and create a unique atmosphere to this wonderful park which is on the opposite street of Opera and Ballet House.

Food and drink

Basturma, sujukh, Armenian sneakers, dry fruits, jam, tea, dry greens. Every Armenian who live abroad, buy them when visiting here. Of course, you can taste them right in the market without taking with you, but it’s a bad idea. Why? Because you will miss their taste. You wonder where you can buy all those sweets? Everything you can find in supermarkets, but I advise you to buy from villagers.

Food and drink in Yerevan

Traveling around Armenia you will see all those homemade things in all touristic places. They can talk to you in your native language. So don’t be surprised. What to eat in Armenia you can read here.

Now about the main one. Brandy, wine, and vodka. National Armenian drink has its own place in the world. It’s so famous in worldwide and I think you can buy it in your country too. But a question is how much? On the other hand, it isn’t interesting. If you’re in Armenia, buy national drinks here. Where? Proshyans wine and brandy factory was founded in 1987, in Yerevan and has highly developed technology and winemaking traditions.

Areni wine factory is located in Areni village about 120 km from Yerevan on the banks of the river Arpa. Here you can book a tour, get to know of a history of Armenian wine and buy your lovely one.

Areni wine factory

Armenian rugs and carpets

Armenian rugs and carpets are unique, special, interesting and have a huge history. And you can get to know about them by visiting Tufenkian or Megerian carpets. They are the leading companies in the world and have branches in other countries.

Armenian rugs and carpets

You can buy nothing. Only have a visit, take a tour, get to know of history and see how the masters work.


I’m a readaholic and I can’t pass by bookstore showing any interest. If you are readaholic too, we have nice shops where you can find something interesting for you and your friends. Bookinist is my favorite. I like to be here, especially on the first floor where someone plays the piano. There is a fantastic aura. The store is at 20 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan. Another bookstore is Noyan Tapan at Republic Square. Here you can find books, maps, and some souvenirs.

Bookstores in Yerevan

In Macmillan store is sold mostly learning materials, including dictionaries. It is located at Ghazar Parpeci 9, Yerevan.

Maybe I’ve skipped something. But I tried to tell about all. What to buy from my colorful Armenia, decide yourself. If your money isn’t enough you will buy another time. I’m sure that You’ll come back.


Shushanik Shahbazyan

Published June 6, 2018
Article by Shushanik Shahbazyan

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