Saryan's Park

Saryan's Park

December 14, 2017

A heart of Armenia has a history that goes back when some countries even weren’t formed or exist. But year by year this city becomes younger and younger. Once you visited here, you will always want to come back. Though the city is not as big as Moscow it still has anything that all big capitals have. Yerevan is a home to many old buildings as well as modern, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, museums, theatres and more than 40 parks that decorates the sunny city. Parks are situated in every part of the city where you can enjoy the green view and relax just sitting on the grass, even doing picnics with your friends.

If we start from the center, the first is situated in the French square, on the opposite street of Opera and Ballet House. The park was named after great Armenian painter Martiros Saryan. He is one of the greatest painters of all the time and as the locals call him, the Master of colors. Right in the center of the park is standing the big marble statue of Saryan in a circle designed by the nice flowers. The statue has 6m height, in the left center of it is the autograph of Saryan. The memorial's(1986) sculptor is Levon Tokmajyan, the architect is Arthur Tarkhanyan.

Saryan's statue

Do you know why this a must place in Yerevan? Because it doesn’t look like to any park of the Yerevan.

Do you imagine an open-air museum right in the park? If you do, know that Yerevan has that kind of open-air gallery. This is a place where you can’t pass faster or walk without looking at both sides. Because every morning a lot of painters come here, bring their pictures and place them so that visitors can watch them or buy. All talented painters who come here and present their works add a specific taste and create a unique atmosphere to this wonderful park. And you can easily forget the hours of spending here, the pictures are unique, wonderful and attracting.

Saryan's Park

In every corner, you can easily find benches where you can sit and enjoy the pieces of art, and if you liked one of them, you can buy it. But the statue of Saryan is not the only one in the park, behind the memorial is located the statues of the main heroes of the most famous Armenian movie “Tgamardik”(Men). The group of statues was dedicated to the director Edmond Keosyan’s 70th birthday and the 35th anniversary of the movie which was organized by his sons. They decided to build the statues in a place where the movie was shot. The memorial was created by Davit Minasyan in 2007.

In both sides of Martiros Saryan's park, you will find nice cafés where you fill the breath of Yerevan right in the center. So the park is yours, visit this place, enjoy it and buy a picture.

Tghamardik's statues


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