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If you are a lover of wine and right looking for new experiences, the acquaintance with the rich history of Armenian wine-making will be a hidden value for you. Here You will find a bunch of tastes, flavors, colors, and incredible stories.

The main goal of this tour is a combination of local dishes and wines from local grapes. As part of this tour, we intend to visit the main wine regions of Armenia.

In addition to wine tasting, we will also try local dishes, visit cultural and historical places, and enjoy the beautiful nature of Armenia.

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490 tour.USD 465 tour.USD 440 tour.USD 410 tour.USD 375 tour.USD
Included Accommodation Breakfasts Guide Transfer Transport Tastings Daily bottle of water Gata (Armenian sweets) Entry tickets
Not Included Airtickets Food Insurance
Important The price is for per person, depending on the number of people in a double room.
You can choose any other hotel in Armenia (some changes are possible in the price).
The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).
The price is for per-person. It varies depending on the number of participants.

Tour Plan

  1. Day 1: Welcome to Armenia

    We meet you at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Yerevan. After hotel registration, you have lunch at "Wine Republic" restaurant. Then you will have a walk in the pink Yerevan city.

    The tour around the city includes a visit to the statue of the national hero of the epic poem Sasuntsi David, Cathedral of Gregory the Illuminator. As well as, we will visit one of the most favorite places of Yerevan guests' the architectural complex of Cascade. There we will also visit the center for contemporary arts Cafesjian.

    After the museum, we will have a walk around the Republic square. If you want you can have a short rest in the hotel and be ready for dinner in the restaurant "Yerevan Tavern" with folk music, dance and homemade wine. We will walk to the Republic square, where we can admire the show of "Singing fountains."

  2. Day 2: Tour to Garni-Geghard and Cognac testing

    After breakfast at the hotel, we will go on a tour to Garni and Geghard.

    The first stop will be near the monument called Charents arch, in good weather, we can admire with a magnificent view of the Mount Ararat. Garni, a pagan temple known as a symbol of pre-Christian Armenia, was a royal summer house.

    After discovering this magnificent building, we will visit Geghard monastery, included in the UNESCO world heritage list. During our lunch, at the house of a local villager, we will try lavash cooked in "tandoor", vegetables and meat.

    Then we will return to Yerevan and visit the Matenadaran Museum, the research institute of ancient manuscripts. After that, we will go to one of the most popular places-Yerevan Brandy Factory "Ararat."

    Then when we finish the excursions at the museum, which is a museum of the history of Armenian brandy, we will try two types of cognac. After that, there will be a free evening in Yerevan.

  3. Day 3: Vayots Dzor Region

    Departure from the hotel and a trip to the southern wine region of Armenia, Vayots Dzor.

    The first stop is Khor Virap monastery, from where opens a spectacular view of the biblical Mount Ararat. Here we will remember the legend about Noah, who planted a vine and first made wine after fulfilling his mission to save all living beings.

    The next stop is near the "Bird cave," where archaeologists have discovered the oldest shoe on Earth and 6000-year-old winery. Although the excavations are still going on, we will see what is happening in the mystical cave. Visit the monastery complex "Noravank," built in the XIII-XIV centuries and hidden in the vicinity of the mystical red rocks. Here in the wine region of Areni, many home winemakers and wineries produce the famous Areni red wine from the local grape with the same name.

    We will have a tour and wine tasting at the "Old Areni" factory, after which we will have dinner in a beautiful restaurant serving Armenian dishes and drinks.

    Overnight will be in the village of Hermon in a comfortable "LucyTour Hotel Resort." Supper will be at the hotel's restaurant.

  4. Day 4: The Northern wine-making regions

    After breakfast, we will move to Ijevan. The leading destination is "Ijevan wine and brandy factory."

    During our visit, we will have a tour around the factory's territory. An experienced guide will acquaint us with the peculiarities of wine-making traditions of Tavush region, which is known for its moderate microclimate.

    The management team will tell the history of the winery and tell about the whole process of wine-making and the types of production step by step. We will walk through the territory of the winery, wine vaults, cellars with collection wines, as well as the cells where the aging of cognac takes place.

    After the tour, will be organized wine and cognac tasting will be organized. Lunch will be in the village of Haghpat in the guest house "Civilian".

    After that, there will be a visit to one of the important medieval religious and educational centers of Armenia - Haghpat monastery. The complex is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Then, we will visit Odzun monastery, built in the IV century. Back to Yerevan. Free evening.

  5. Day 5: Winery “Voskevaz”

    The 5th day of our tour will be devoted to the purchase of Armenian delicacies and Souvenirs.

    We will go to the famous open-air market "Vernissage" in search of Armenian Souvenirs, and then visit the GUM market for dried fruits and sweets. Lunch will be at the exquisite restaurant, "Voskevaz."

    After lunch, we will go to the winery "Voskevaz," which is located in the village, named similarly. This manufacturer is one of the most popular thanks to its unique wines.

    We will have the opportunity to take a tour around the beautiful Marans (vaults) of Voskevaz, and then we will try delicious Armenian wine with meat and cheese assortment. This will be the perfect end to a wine tour in Armenia.

  6. Day 6: Departure Transfer to the airport, flight

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