Saint Gregory the Enlightener Cathedral


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The Saint Gregory Cathedral is the largest Armenian Apostolic Church in Armenia. It is located in the Central part of Yerevan. The construction of the church started in 1996 finished 2001, the designer was famous architect Stepan Kurkchyan. Building the cathedral was the idea of Armenian Vazgen A Paltchyan. In 1989  the Supreme Spiritual Council and the Architectural Committee of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin decided to build massive cathedral according to Armenian architectural classic style.

One of the main aims was also to build a place where 2500 Christians can pray together.  The construction ended on September 23, 2001, on the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of Christianity as a state religion took place the sanctification of the cathedral. One of the honorable guests was  Pope John Paul II.

The Saint Gregory the Enlightener includes the relics of Saint Gregory the Enlightener and the Holy Remains of St. Gregory(brought from Naples, Italy). The huge cathedral is a complex consisting of three churches: the Cathedral (Main Church) with 1700 seats and the Chapels of St. Tiridates the King and of Saint Ashkhen the Queen (both with 150 seats).

These two figures helped  St. Gregory in bringing Christianity to Armenia. The belfry tower consists of 30 arches together with the court are located at the entrance of the Church. On the ground floor, there is a basement where you will find the Holy Remains of Saint Gregory and his monument, library, halls for receptions. The total area of the complex is around 3,822 square meters, the height is 54 meters.

The Main Church of the complex was built by the donation of Richard Alexander Manoogian and Louise Manoogian Simone, in the memory of their deceased father who was philanthropist, entrepreneur and former AGBU President Alex Manoogian.  On the other hand, the construction of the two chapels of the complex was completed by the donation of Nazar, Artemis Nazarian, Kevork and Linda Kevorkian. The belfry was built by the donation of Eduardo Eurnekian.

The cathedral is situated in a high position overlooks the city. In front of the church are the beautifully designed steps which lead to the cathedral. On the opposite side of the street opens a view to former famous "Rosia Cinema" which has a unique architectural style. 

At the left side of the steps is the statue of Zoravar Andranik (Armenian word for military leader) which has been standing there since 2002.  Andranik Ozanyan was the most famous fedayi and commander in Armenia. Near the statue is a nice park called "Oghakadzev (having hoop style) Park" with a lot of attractions and fun activities.

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