New year in Armenia

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Armenian New Year

Armenia is wonderful also in winter months. What else could be better in winter in this historical country rather than New Year? You are welcome to enjoy a fun and interesting New Year with us. What do we offer? 

Age13+ Age
2 Person 4 Person 6 Person 8 Person 10 Person
760 tour.USD 650 tour.USD 610 tour.USD 570 tour.USD 520 tour.USD
Included Comfortable transportation Guide services Accommodation Breakfasts at the hotel A daily bottle of water Entrance tickets Masterclass Taxes
Not Included Lunches Flights Insurance Dinners Additional costs
Important The price is for per person in a double room. It varies depending on the number of participants
You can choose any other hotel in Armenia (some changes are possible in the price).
The program may be changed according to your preferences (some changes are possible in the price).

Tour Plan

  1. Day 1: Arrival to Yerevan, transfer to the hotel
  2. Day 2: Lori fortress, Odzun, Winter rafting, Byurakan Observatory, Yerevan

    Your second day will be busy. We’ll receive spiritual nourishment, feel genuine adrenaline, and follow the stars. As we have a lot to do, having breakfast, we’ll start our tour at 8 AM. We’ll go to the North of Armenia - the most beautiful Lori region. The Lori fortress, which is a dilapidated building dating back to the 10th century, will be our first stop. The fortress is situated in a very attractive place. Then we’ll continue our way to the Odzun monastery which is a 5th-century construction. This is a restored and currently functioning church. 

    We’ll have a lunch break, then we’re gonna go to get some adrenaline. Armenia offers winter rafting. We’ll raft in the mountains. Definitely, it’s worth a try. On our way back to Yerevan, we’ll visit one of the most important observatories in Eastern Europe and the Middle East - Byurakan Observatory to stare at the stars.

    Enjoying a busy day, we’ll return back to Yerevan, have dinner, and sleep to have rest and be ready for the coming adventures.

  3. Day 3: Matenadaran, Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Micro art museum

    The third day will also be a mix. We’ll start the day with a visit to Matenadaran - one of the oldest and largest centers in the world where ancient manuscripts are preserved.

    Then we’ll tour to the Temple of Garni which is the only preserved pre-Christian building in Armenia. Our next stop will be in the Geghard monastery - a 4th-century building that is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Arriving Yerevan, we’ll visit the Ter Ghazaryans’ Micro Art Museum - which is unique in it's kind and able to surprise everybody. Here you’ll explore sculptures made in the needle hole.

  4. Day 4: Sevan, Hayravank, Mikayelyan Family Farm, cheese and wine tasting, Tsaghkadzor (Ropewayի, Kecharis)

    It’s impossible to visit Armenia and not to see Sevan lake - our blue-eyed wonder. Armenians consider it to be their sea. It’s the 2nd high-altitude lake in the world which has sweet water after the lake Titicaca in South Africa. On the shore of Sevan, the Hayravank monastery is located - the monastery of father Hovhannes, which is a 9th-century structure standing to today. Then we’ll go to a very interesting cheese farm where the cheeses ripen in wine and cognac. Surely, we’ll taste these cheeses and drink wine.

    Then we’ll continue our tour to Tsaghkadzor with a high mood. We’ll enjoy nature in this town, take a ropeway and visit the Kecharis monastery complex.

  5. Day 5: Khor Virap, Noravank, Areni Cave, Areni Winery

    On the 5th day of our tour, having breakfast, we’ll set off in the footsteps of history. Our first stop will be the Khor Virap monastery, where, according to the legend, Gregory the Illuminator was kept. Thanks to him, Christianity was adopted as the state religion in Armenia. By the way, here you may enjoy a stunning view of Mount Ararat

    Then the road leads us to Noravank, surrounded by red and pink rocks. This is an amazing sight. We’ll visit the Areni Cave, where the oldest winery and shoe were discovered. We’ll continue our tour to Areni winery, get familiar with its activities, and taste different wines. We’ll have dinner in a place where an Armenian family makes homemade wines and serves very tasty eco food. 

  6. Day 6: Etchmiadzin, St Gayane, and St Hripsime monasteries, Rug making masterclass, Zvartnots

    On the last day of the tour, we’ll visit the Holy capital of Armenia - Vagharshapat, better known as Etchmiadzin. The church of the same name - Etchmiadzin cathedral is one of the first in the world and also the residence of the Armenian Catholicos.

    We’ll also visit the churches of St Gayane and St Hripsime, after which we’ll have lunch and enjoy the aromatic flavors of the Armenian cuisine. Satisfying the stomach, we’ll have a masterclass in rug weaving. On our way back to Yerevan, we’ll visit the destroyed Zvartnots cathedral.

  7. Day 7: Shopping, Transfer to the airport, Departure

    Having breakfast in the morning, we’ll leave the hotel with already packed suitcases. We’ll visit Vernissage to buy souvenirs and only then continue our way to the airport.  

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