Rafting in Armenia

Rafting in Armenia

July 11, 2019

Firstly, let’s make it simple. What is rafting? It’s a rowing rubber boat that follows the direction of rivers from the mountains. The boat takes a group of people (4-20 members). This is relatively new in Armenia as an emerging sport as well as an extreme tourism destination.

If you are an extreme lover, you will be glad to know that currently, rafting is one of the most popular ways of extreme tourism in Armenia, and the country isn’t limited by religious churches or historical and cultural monuments.

The Best Destinations of Rafting in Armenia

In 2017 a company called “Rafting in Armenia” was established in Lori province in order to develop the approach and techniques of the rafting in Armenia. Those people who have some experience in rafting in Armenia can offer this kind of extreme in four different destinations. These destinations lead you to the most rapid rivers of the country.

Rafting in Armenia

But what are the most suitable rivers for rafting in Armenia and Artsakh? Let’s find out together. 

Rafting in Armenia: Dzoraget

The river Dzoraget is situated near the town of Stepanavan (160 kilometers far from Yerevan), and the rafting starts at a distance of two kilometers away from there. This river has the highest complexity level for rafting. The complexity of the river Dzoraget is the 6th degree. 

However, the duration of the rafting can differ because of the time and the season. It can take from 4 up to 7 days. It depends on the training level of the group as well as the weather conditions and the level of the water.

Rafting in Dzoraget 

Dzoraget is suitable for those people who are physically fit and do professional rafting. The best time to go rafting in Dzoraget is in spring, especially in May. During these times the weather conditions are favorable, and the level of water is usually very high.

In summers the water level is relatively low, but you still can arrange rafting in order to see the beautiful nature and sights such as Lori Berd fortress, Hnevank monastery complex, the medieval bridge over the river Urut and other sights.

Rafting in Armenia: Kasagh

Rafting in Kasagh

The river Kasagh is originated near the Mount Aragats (in the Aragatsotn province) into the Metsamor River. The complexity of the river is of 3rd degree. So it is relatively easy to implement rafting in Kasagh and you may try it even if you are not so experienced in rafting.

Rafting in Armenia: Debed

Debed River is formed by draining rivers Pambak and Dzoraget and has a length of 152 km. Like the river of Kasagh and Debed has a 3rd-degree complexity level, which means it is suitable even for people who have little or no experience in rafting.

The best time for rafting in Debed is from the month of June until October. In that period of the year, both the weather and the level of the water are convenient and favorable.

Rafting in Debed

There are some beautiful sights of Armenia near the river. Some of them are the monastery of  Haghpat as well as Sanahin, Bardzrakash, and Surb Grigor monasteries. As a result, besides the level of adrenaline you get, you also discover some historical and cultural monuments.

Rafting in Armenia: Tartar

Tartar is the largest river in Artsakh. The river has a length of 220 km. Tartar has a 3rd-degree complexity level (again suitable for adrenaline seekers less experienced in rafting).  

The best time for rafting in Tartar is spring (especially in May). If there is a flood, the river Tatar is suitable for rafting with a catamaran. The exceptional beauty of the area of the river helps to enjoy the process of the rafting even more. The river is surrounded by dense forests typical for Artsakh where you can see the medieval church of Davidavank.

Rafting in Tartar

Helpful Tips on Rafting in Armenia

If you are a beginner in such extreme tourism you’ll be happy to get some helpful tips on rafting in Armenia. Here we are, let’s check out!
First of all, overcome your fears if you have some. 
Listen to the instructions.
Make sure you are familiar with all the safety rules and follow them.
Don’t forget to wear the appropriate uniform. And also be sure you have alternative clothing. This is the right thing to do.
Remember that you are an important member of accurate navigation. Every person in the boat has some dependence on the rest of the group.
✔ Follow the instructor’s directive because they are the ones who control the situation.
✔ And the most important, do not forget to have some water-resistant cameras or similar pieces of technical equipment to fix these crazy moments and make these emotions immortal.

The rafting in Armenia will provide you with a great amount of adrenaline and new sources of adventure. Welcome to rafting in this ancient country.

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