Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art Museum


icon-map8 Abovyan street, Yerevan, Armenia

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Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art is the first museum of microminiatures in Armenia. The exhibition includes the micro works of Eduard Ter-Ghazaryans(Grandfather and Grandson), placed on specially designed pedestals, with built-in lighting. The exhibits present cartoons, part of unique musical instruments and the film portrays created by the elder Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan

The idea of opening a museum was born in 2009 when grandfather Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan transmitted the secrets of this unique art to his grandson, with the message that the latter preserves them, develops micro art and transmits it to future generations.

The Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art Museum opened in 2018, Yerevan. Only years later it was possible to unite the works that illustrate the Master's - Grandfather multilateral talent,  his unique works that admired everyone in many countries around the world, as well as his grandson’s works - the next generation of micro sculptures.

Entrance fee

Adults - 2000 AMD
Children (6-17 yrs) – 1000 AMD