Ararat Region


Area: 2,090 km2

Population: 260,367

Ararat is one of the regions of Armenia. Its capital and largest city is the town of Artashat.  According to a prominent Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi, Ayrarat was one of the 15 provinces of Armenia Major. It was the central province of the Armenian Highland.

The province is named after the biblical Mount Ararat.  Anyone who visits Armenia will forever remember the most majestic and noble scene in the world, the fabulous view of Holy Mount Ararat.  Referred to as the sacred mountain of Armenians and being regarded as the dream and the image of their soul snow-capped, Mount Ararat is the highest mountain of historical Armenia with the highest peak coming at the height of 5165 meters and the lowest at the height of 3925 meters above sea level. The higher top is Masis, and the lowest is Sis.

The mount gives a great opportunity for mountain climbers to conquer peaks of Ararat and enjoy the spectacular views from the heights of clouds. The weather is rather well expressed on the mountain. The winters are usually very cold with a strong snowpack.  The average temperature in January might reach (-5) degrees Celsius on the bottom and (-25) degrees Celsius on the top, and in July it might reach 26 degrees Celsius on the bottom and up to 0 or lower degrees Celsius on the top. The best time to climb the mountain is the period from July to September. Although the mountain is currently in the territory of Turkey, it always remained the symbol of the motherland for every Armenian living in any corner of the world.  

Ararat is a holy mountain not only for Armenians but also for the whole world. Foreigners would come to Armenia as pilgrims even in the past when the snow was melting and the gigantic ark of Noah could be seen. Then, the world temperature decreased and the ark, that once saved everything, was covered with snow. Many scientists and researchers have tried to find the exact place of the ark. And for this purpose, Ararat has been photographed from satellites. Many interesting facts have been discovered and they indirectly confirm the existence of the ark. In any case, these puzzles will hopefully get their answers one day.

One of the largest of Armenian Plateau is situated here having the same name - Ararat (Ararat plain).  It is unique for its centuries-long Armenian paint called “Vordan Karmir”.  The paint vordan karmir is obtained from the insect having the same name.  In many of Greek and Roman sources, the paint exported from Armenia was considered to be the best. It was called «arqayakan tsirani» (the purple or Royal Red) with which royal and princely clothes were painted.  At the last decades, because of pollution and other reasons the existence of vordan karmir has been in danger, and for its protection in 1987 the reserve «Vordan karmir of Ararat» was formed at Ararat valley having a territory of 200 ha.  

The biography of the first Armenian ARARAT brandy is a history of generosity, passion, and craftsmanship. The culture of winemaking in Armenia goes back centuries, and the Armenian brandy that is famous around the world today appeared at the end of the 19th century. It was here, in the land of Ararat, that the union of natural generosity and creative energy gave the best wine known all over the world.  Today the legendary ARARAT brandy is rightly considered to be the pride of many generations and a global symbol of Armenia.  

Ararat Province is famous for Khosrov Forest State Reserve, covering the branches of the Geghama Ridge. Khosrov Reserve enjoys a long-term reputation of wildlife haunt and a unique forest tract with spectacular scenery and rich historical legacy.  The history of the reserve dates back to 330-338 A.D. when the Armenian king Khosrov the Third Kotak (Short) had established two wildlife sanctuaries, created for hunting birds and animals along Azat Riverside, one of which is the Khosrov Forest.  Here were situated the historical capitals of Armenia — Artashat, and Dvin.

 Among the other sightseeings of the area is the monastery of Khor Virap (XVII century), Mount Ararat, the monastery Agdots (XIII century.) Avuts Tar (X — XVIII centuries.), Shenats (VI — XV cent.), the fortress Kakavaberd (IV — XII in .), as well as the ancient capital of Armenia — Dvin.  Renowned for its rich history and abundant grape growing areas, Ararat welcomes visitors to indulge in a peaceful nature and meet talented people full of character.



This city is located in the Ararat plain, near the Araks River. It is the capital of Ararat region.  It is located on the Araks River in the Ararat plain, 30 km southeast of Yerevan. Artashat was founded in 1945 by Soviet Armenia and named after the ancient city Artashat which is located near the town.

This city is one of the oldest cities in Armenia. Nearly, four decades this city was the capital of Armenia. The Armenian King Artashes 1st founded this city in 176 BC, it was known as the "Vostan Hayots" or "court" or "seal of the Armenians".

The remains of the ancient city are not far away from nowadays Artashat. The most famous monument in Artashat is the statue of the Armenian King Artashes 1st.  

Artashes, the Armenian king also built a citadel (which was later named Khor Virap). Gregory the Illuminator imprisoned here for 14 years by King Trdat 3rd. In the Church, you will see the big hole where the Saint Gregory was imprisoned.

Khor Virap Monastery is another great example of Armenian architecture. From there you can see Ararat valley, and of course our Biblical mountain Ararat.

One of the most popular places in this city is Artashat’s Lake. The residents love this place and will certainly invite you here and be sure they will make an Armenian traditional Barbecue with other tasty dishes. If you want to try the tastiest Armenian fruits and vegetables, from the City Market, you can buy fresh and organic products. 

The residents of the city claim that the most beautiful place in their city is Saint Hovhannes church which was built on 31 May 2015. They didn’t have a church before this one. There is also a little chapel which is a favorite place for the locals.

The other thing to see in Artashat is the theatre. They say it is the first theatre in Armenia and the story of theatre has started from this ancient city. You should visit this ancient theatre and besides that, there is a lot of things for you to discover those miracles.

The cultural life of Artashat is enhancing with the presence of several institutions. The town has a cultural palace, an art center named after Charles Aznavour who is the famous Armenian in the world, a drama theatre named after Amo Kharazyan regularly performs several Armenian and international classic as well as modern works and a public library named after Ohan Chubaryan which was opened in 1948. 

In 2004, a new amusement park was opened in the center of Artashat, which is used to host public celebrations, concerts and musical shows at nights. So this city will be a place where you will discover a lot of things, adventures, and mysteries.




Khor Virap monastery is located in Ararat region near Lusarat town. This monastery is considered to be Armenian famous sanctuary and pilgrimage.

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