Kecharis Monastery


icon-mapKhachatur Kecharetsi St, Tsaghkadzor 2310, Republic of Armenia

Kecharis is medieval monastery complex located in Tsaghkadzor town, Kotayk region. It is the spiritual and cultural center of Kotayk region which was built by Pahlavuni dukes, in the 11th century. The monastery of Kecharis includes 4 churches, courtyard, 2 chapels and many khachkars (cross-stones) which date back to the 7th-8th centuries.

The main church is The Saint Gregory Enlightener. It was built by Gregory Magistros Pahlavuni. According to the inscription carved on the southern entrance, the church was built in 1033. Next to Saint Gregory is the Saint Nshan domed church. They say this small church was built by Gregory Magistros Pahlavuni, too.

In the southerner part of the monastery is situated Saint Katoghike Church. It was founded by Vasak Khaghbakyan in 1203-1214 and the architecture was famous Armenian architect Vetsik. Katoghike is a domed church and has a rectangle shape, inside part is cross-shaped. It is considered to be the most luxurious church among others.

Beside the Katoghike is located a small church called Saint Harutyun(it was built in 1220). In the area of the monastery is the tomb-cross-stone of Vetsik architecture (8th century). In Kecharis monastery are buried Armenian dukes Grigor and Prosh (1284).

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