Not Sure Where to Go on Your Vacation? Here are Some Fun Options

Not Sure Where to Go on Your Vacation? Here are Some Fun Options

July 14, 2021

When it comes to choosing vacations, many people are spoiled for choice. In fact, the sheer variety can make it hard to decide. It can also be a highly individual thing because everyone is different. When it’s a family holiday it can be even more tricky, because not everyone may want the same things. A parent might fancy crashing out on the beach or visiting an art gallery, while the kids may prefer sports and amusement parks.

Perhaps it’s time for you to book your next vacation. You may have some money available and a few weeks to spare. You might be looking for something fun and out of the ordinary, to break the mold and provide some unique experiences and memories. If that’s the case, this article will help you consider a range of exciting locations and activities. 

A One-Location Focus

Rather than country-hopping or going from place to place, why not explore one specific location? It could be anywhere from Venice to Rome, from the Austrian Tyrol to London. Alternatively, you could stay in Athens, Greece to visit the many islands and relax on the beaches. You could visit some of its historical sites, travel on a ferry, or check out the many restaurants. 

It’s always a good thing to go online when planning such a trip. If you’re considering activities in Athens you can access maps that display the tourist highlights, and read about current travel restrictions. You can also get handy tips regarding transport and places to stay.

A Party Holiday 

This could be ideal for fun-loving young people and singles, or anyone who enjoys the nightlife. Besides plenty of parties, you can enjoy the local scenery and tourist attractions. Ibiza is probably the most famous destination for people who enjoy clubbing, as it has plenty of DJs playing dance music throughout the night. If you enjoy bars, clubs, and boat parties you could head for San Antonio, which also features an Old Town.

Las Vegas is another great place for nocturnal activity. There are shows, amusement parks, limousine rides, and pool parties. You could jump aboard a party bus or visit a casino. If you visit Cancun between March and mid-April you could join the beach parties there. It has other festivities the rest of the year too, at the clubs in the Hotel Zone. 

Something For All The Family 

If the children are happy, you will be happy so why not choose a great family break? During the winter season, multitudes of children get excited about Christmas. If this applies to your family, you could head off to Lapland to meet Santa. There’s everything a child would expect including reindeers and elves, plus plenty of snow sports for you to try out. 

Another obvious option for children would be the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. It can be a literal rollercoaster experience here, with plenty of attractions in the Magic Kingdom Park, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

The Worlds’ Best Amusement Parks 

These parks are a great choice for people who enjoy extreme experiences, plus plenty of junk food! There’s Bakken in Klampenborg, Denmark, and Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. 

The Worlds’ Best Amusement Parks 

Also check out Coney Island and The Pier at Santa Monica, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Dracula Theme Park in Romania.

Somewhere Sporty 

If sitting on a beach is too sedentary for you, consider this option. Carlisle Bay in Antigua is good for tennis and water sports, skiing and golf. The Legian, Bali is a Mecca for surfers and it has great restaurants and shops as well as beaches. If you paraglide, why not save up and go to the Six Senses Hideaway, Zighy Bay, Oman? You can also get involved with windsurfing and mountain bike riding here, or stay at your villa with its private pool.

The Maracana Stadium is a key place for football fans, and it’s located in Brazil. It hosted the 2014 World Cup and also boasts beautiful beaches. 

A Safari

If you want to disappear into the wilderness, head for Namibia. The break would cost less than you expect and could include visits to the Etosha National Park with its elephants. During the week you could also observe the Cape Cross seal colony and a nearby big cat rescue foundation. 

If you’re feeling really ambitious you could go on a canoe safari in Zambia or visit a safari lodge in Kenya. There are tigers to follow in India and Jaguars and jungle in Costa Rica too. 

These have been a few exciting and fun suggestions. Alternatively have a science-based holiday at the NASA center or visit the Cabinet War Rooms in London. You could take a trek towards the Aurora Borealis or visit a music gallery in Florence, Italy. When you’ve made your choice, two things will be ahead of you: anticipation and fun.

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