Camping in Armenia

Camping in Armenia

September 12, 2017

"I hitchhiked around the whole country and I have to say that Armenia is hitchhiking paradise. No one asked me for money. I also hitchhiked a few taxis and they took me for free. I´ve never waited for a long time, usually for a few minutes. The country is very beautiful and the people are very hospitable. They invited me a few times for dinner or for a night to their house. But for sure it´s much better if you speak Russian(or any other Slavonic language, it´s similar). At this moment I hitchhiked in 26 countries and Armenia was the best. " from hitchhiker's personal experience.

Yes, Armenia is a paradise for camping, the people are hospitable, generous and you can easily forget that you decided to camp out and be invited for a dinner or a night at home without paying money. Apart from mountains, Armenia is rich with forests and valleys with rivers and natural springs which make wonderful preconditions for camping. If you want to change your style of resting, you want to change the boring and identical hotels and prefer the wildlife of this country offers you the best "wild" experience.

camping in Armenia

Camping Destinations in Armenia

Sevan Lake is one of the best places for camping the beaches are private and fenced which makes perfect conditions to pass a safe night there. Besides that the Blue Pearl of Armenia has a wonderful look surrounded by mountains and mountains chains. But, be ready, because here the climate is often mild and it is cold especially at night. If you also like hiking, you have a great opportunity! The mountains that surround the lake are a wonderful experience for you.

The other beautiful place for camping is located in Yeghegnadzor which a perfect place for campers who want to have good rest and relax. The beautiful view of the mountains will make your rest more enjoyable. The hospitality is excellent, you will feel comfortable in their company because the people are very kind and polite.

Park village Lastiver is another great opportunity for campers to have a fairy experience. Here the breathtaking nature of Lastiver, waterfall sounds, the unique houses on the trees will make your rest unforgettable. The locals call these places a hidden treasure of the Tavush Region. Besides camping, here is located Yell Extreme Park, the only amusement park of Armenia, in Yenokavan Village. Everyone can try the activities of Zipline. You don't need to be professional to be able to do fly. The group of professionals will help and prepare you for the flight which will give you unforgettable memories.

There is also the Rope Park a place, one can do a wide variety of sports elements such as rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses, and zip-lines. Neither climbing techniques, nor special physical experience is necessary. Armenia is a safe place for camping you just need to choose the right place and right time.

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