Nature and Wildlife

Nature and Wildlife

October 25, 2017

Being Mountainous country this little land has diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna. Armenia is located in the southern part of Transcaucasia.

Armenia territory is 29,743 km sq, located 1000-2500 above sea level. The area’s 71% comprises agricultural lands, 12% forests, 7% specially protected areas and 8 % other lands. The mountains and mountain chains cover the territory’s 47 %. The highest peak is the Mount Aragats (4090m). The other highest peaks are Kaputjugh (3906m) and Ajdahak(3598m)

Mount Aragats is the highest peak of Armenia. It is four peaked volcano mountain chain located in Aragatsotn region. The mountain is surrounded by Akhurian and Kasagh Rivers. The name Aragats means “Ara’s Throne”, it was named after the Armenian king Ara Geghetsik(Beautiful). According to another Armenian legend, Aragats and Mount Ararat were loving sisters who parted after a quarrel and separated permanently.

The other highest peak of Armenia is Ajdahak Mountain (3598m) which is located in Geghama Mountain chains (Gegharkunik region). There are numerous small mountain lakes in the Geghama mountain chain. But the most important lake is the Sevan Lake which is located in the center of the chains. The Lake Sevan is considered to be the Armenia’s blue pearl. This lake is the pride of the Armenian people, it’s the one and only and when there is little of something people as a rule, always appreciate and treasure it

.The largest lake in the Caucasus, it's also one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world. Its colors and shades change with the weather and by its own mysterious processes, from a dazzling azure to dark blue and a thousand shades in between. The lake supports a healthy fish population, including the endangered Ishkhan (prince trout), named for a row of spots like a crown on its head. Other species include introduced crayfish and sig (white fish).

One of the biggest and the most important valleys of Armenian highlands is the Ararat valley which is located in Ararat. The climate is dry and continental, the summers are hot the winters are cold. The Ararat valley is rich vineyards, apricot and apple gardens. Armenia has a rich flora and approximately 3200 plant species and herb species. The Armenian flora is rich with curative mineral springs, rivers, and mountain lakes.The Armenian fauna includes 17000 animal species.