What to see and to do in Tsaghkadzor

What to see and to do in Tsaghkadzor

May 24, 2018

There is a strongly formulated opinion that tourist can’t find any interesting time in Armenia besides Yerevan. Let me disagree with this. If you’ve already in Armenia and like to spend your leisure time in nature, breathe some fresh air and see beautiful places, Tsakhkadzor is always a good idea for you and your friends. By the way, the city is not far from Yerevan, it is located at 2-hour ride from the capital of Armenia.

If you are in Yerevan and it is summer, the place where you can escape from the hot and chilly weather is definitely Tsaghkadzor, or simply, Valley of the flowers, as the word means. Assemble the bag and go there.

But first, let me explain the meaning of the place you are going to visit. That’s a very nice story. In the Armenian language ‘tsaghik’ means flower and ‘dzor’ is a ravine, as you could guess ‘’Tsakhkadzor’’ means ‘’ravine full of flowers” and that is really so. It’s a very beautiful place with nice smells of different flowers of bright colors. Tsakhkadzor was also called ‘’Darachichag” it is a Turkish word which has the same meaning as ‘’ravine of flowers’’.

A trip without a plan? No way, here is my top list of things to do in this paradise.

1. А beautiful church in Tsaghkadzor called ‘’Kecharis’’

Kecharis Monastery

Kecharis is a medieval monastery complex which was built in the early-mid ages nearly in the 1050s. During centuries this place was ruled by different Armenian royal families, it was even conquered by Turks but then it was taken back by Armenians.
The monastery of Kecharis includes 4 churches, courtyard, 2 chapels and many khachkars (cross-stones). You can sit there in a peaceful silence and think about life, nature, and everything.

2. “Tsaghkadzor Zip Line”

Tsaghkadzor Zip Line

What can be better than the view of the nature above the sky? There is no difference between summer or winter weathers. Zip Line is fantastic in any season. Moreover, you can do make your rest more dynamic, interesting and full of adrenalin.

Tsaghkadzor Zip Line is open in every season of the year and it works every day from 11:00 to 18:00. The cost for one person is 10.000 AMD (21$).

3. A museum of famous Armenian scientist Orbely(Orbelian) brothers

Orbely(Orbelian)brothers museum

Orbely is a well-known family of scientists in Armenia. We respect and extremely proud of them. In the museum, you’ll find all information about this amazing family. The ticket costs 500 AMD (1 $). You can read information on the walls but I recommend to hire a guide. You will know many new and interesting things about brothers and will be filled new emotions. Only read the feedbacks from tourists on the internet and you’ll understand everything. The museum opens from 10:00 till 17:00.

4. Cable Car in Tsaghkadzor

You can't visit Tsaghkadzor and don't have a little adventure on a cable car. It’s no matter which season. A fantastic view and emotions are provided. It’s a good possibility to see the beauty of the Armenian nature and Teghenis Mountain. In the winter you can go skiing or snowboarding after reaching the top, the other seasons are full of admiring scenes ․

My advice? Don’t leave Tsaghkadzor without trying this.

Cable Car in Tsaghkadzor

There are a number of services in the territory of Tsaghkadzor ropeway:
- Medical center
- Instructor-trainers
- Rescue Service
- Food objects
- Rental point
- Parking
The cost is 1800 AMD (3.80 $) for one person.

5. The monument of Leonid Yengibarov

An interesting monument of the great Armenian artist Leonid Yengibarov is located on the central square of Tsaghkadzor, Tsaghkunyac (Flower) street. He was a Soviet clown and actor. Just look at his eyes, they say everything.

the monument of Leonid Yengibarov
The monument is built of bronze and has a total four meters height. During the evening walk do not forget to take a picture with the legend.

6. Ski Resort Tsaghkadzor

The perfect time to visit Tsaghkadzor is winter which is a great place not only for beginners also for professionals to skate, both on snowboarding and on skies. For winter active sports lovers the weather in Tsaghkadzor is fantastic. Professional athletes from all over the world come here for sports camps. Everyone who visited here will claim that tracks are simply gorgeous.

Ski Resort Tsakhkadzor

There are tourists who always come back here for skiing every year. Does it say about something?

7. Entertainment centers in Tsaghkadzor

Entertainment centers in Tsaghkadzor

There are so many entertainment centers in Tsaghkadzor - cafes, casinos, restaurants, pubs. So if you want to relax and pass a nice time in the evening, you have a big variety of choice. Famous Kalyan Lounge, Royale Entertainment Center, Parisian Casino and not only.

Summing up, we will say only one thing։ You are in Armenia or plan to visit? Don’t forget about Tsaghkadzor. Have a nice time here and come back soon.

Shushanik Shahbazyan

Published May 22, 2018
Article by Shushanik Shahbazyan

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