Tsirani Garden-Restaurant

The history of Tsirani started when Tsaruk Pap (grandfather) opened a little canteen in his yard. That little canteen always was full of visitors. In a short period of time, his small restaurant became famous, even tables and set weren't enough for the customers and he often used the table and the set of his own house.

Then he built the biggest restaurant in the history of Arinj and called it "Poqrik Stepanos" (little) in honor of his grandchildren. Later the secret receipts of Tsaruk's family were used in the nowadays Tsirani restaurant. The founder of nowadays big restaurant complex is the son of the famous Tsaruk Pap.

Tsirani complex has 4 ha area which was built in the apricot garden. It has 61 wooden open-air small houses and 10 closed pavilions. The banquet hall can serve nearly 320 guests.

The menu presents all the traditional dishes of Armenian national cuisine. A visit to this place is a real miracle in autumn when the leaves are yellow, the garden also has an artificial waterfall, a man-made lake and also a cave where you can have a dinner.

Cuisine : Armenian,

Address : Babajanyan block,3th Str. Arinj

Phone : +374 55 850 950, +374 99 850 950

Working hours : 09:00 - 02:00

Email : support@tsiranicomplex.am

Website : https://tsiranicomplex.am/