Festival Mulberry – NKR

Festival Mulberry – NKR

September 24, 2017

The Mulberry festival takes place at Amaras Monastery (Nagorno Karabakh). More than 30 participants present their own production from 5 regions of NKR, Stepanakert and from the Republic of Armenia.

During the festival, the locals present the homemade vodka, doshab, dried mulberry. The guests have also the opportunity to taste and buy all the products. There you will be the witness to the process and traditions of preparing doshab and mulberry vodka. The most interesting thing at the festival is collecting mulberries. There you can learn new recipes from the locals.

Festival Mulberry – NKR

The Mulberry festival is held on the first Saturday in July. The aim is to make Nagorno Karabakh more popular for travelers. The festival is accompanied by national folk songs and dances.
So attending this festival will give you unforgettable memories and experiences.


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