October 26, 2017

The cuisine is one of the main elements of country’s culture. The style of cooking, methods, ingredients, traditions, and recipes reflect the country’s real image. Being a country that has a history of decades, Armenia has a rich, tasty and delicious cuisine. One thing that Armenians really love is to present the world the Armenian cuisine. Food is the most important part of our culture. We love to lay tables with a lot of dishes and of course bread.

There are lots of restaurants in Armenia, especially in Yerevan. In every step, you can find a nice restaurant. If you want to taste the real Armenian foods and dishes the following list of restaurants is for you.

Old Erivan (Hin Yerevan) restaurant is situated in the center of the city, at the Tumanyan Street. The restaurant is considered to be one of the best Armenian restaurants. Here you can experience tasty Armenian dishes and food accompanied by the Armenian music. Here you can try traditional Dolma, kebab, ishkhan fish, and barbecue. The rooms are decorated in ancient Armenian style. Besides that, you will have the opportunity to listen to the Armenian bands that play traditional musical instruments like duduk. Every room has its own unique style.

The Pandok Yerevan restaurant is the calm and peaceful place where you can pass your evenings. This restaurant is a real image of the Armenian style. The cushions and tablecloths are covered in Armenian ornaments and pictures. Besides the decoration, here you can taste the tastiest dishes of the Armenian cuisine. The restaurant is located at Movses Khorenatsi Street (Yerevan).

The other must restaurant is “Mer Taghe located on Tumanyan Street. If you love pizza and tasty food.Here you can try “the Armenian pizza called “Lahmadjo”. The tastiest Lahmadjo is served here; you can see the process of making it and then try it with “Tan”. Besides that, you can eat other Armenian dishes made on the spot.

The Dolmama restaurant is located in the center of Yerevan, too. This restaurant was opened in the 1998 and since that year it has worked reviving traditional Armenian cuisine. The name of the restaurant was named after the famous Armenian dish Dolma. Besides that traditional Dolma, they serve a new kind of Dolma which is very tasty. It is located on Pushkin street.

Mer gyugh (Our Village) restaurant is a very nice restaurant where you feel yourself at home. The specialty of this restaurant is the traditional Armenian homemade food. Here you can try wines from different villages of Armenia. The dining experience makes more enjoyable the live music. The rooms are decorated in Armenian style, with a lot of carpets. The restaurant is located at Sayat Nova Avenue.