Yerevan Zoo

Yerevan Zoo

September 18, 2017

Yerevan Zoo was established in 1940 (Yerevan). There are about 2749 animals representing 204 species. They represent the South Caucasus and Armenia includes Syrian brown bears, Bezoars goats, vipers, Armenian mouflon, and black vultures. There are also African lions, tigers, Caucasian lynx and Indian elephant.

Yerevan Zoo is considered to be the Nation’s Zoo and the natural heritage of Armenia. The uniqueness of this Zoo is that they teach and inspire their visitors to protect wildlife, natural resources, and habitats.

Even the director invites everyone to a walk; it is a special day when the Director becomes a guide. During the tour you will have a chance to ask all of your questions to the director, also to watch animal enrichment and get to know the importance of the animal welfare. And the most interesting thing is being able to feed the animals.

 Yerevan Zoo

Yerevan Zoo also has “Ice –Cream Day”, which is the favorite day for all the children. The festival starts from the early morning till the late night; all around the garden are a lot of children, smiles, music, and lots of ice-cream. That day, even bears eat the ice-cream made of fruits and vegetables.

The Garden works at 09:00 -21:00. The entrance fee is 800 AMD (adults) and 500 AMD (kids). At weekends 1200 AMD(adults) and 600 AMD (kids)

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