Yerevan Zoo

Yerevan Zoo

August 02, 2019

Are you one of these people to whom animals bring happiness? If you are such a person you will like to visit Yerevan Zoo - one of the most interesting places of the capital


The idea of founding the Yerevan Zoo goes back to the 1930s’ of the 20th century. However, the zoo park was established in 1940 as a result of a decision by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Armenia.

The Zoo Park Yerevan is located on the Myasnikyan avenue and occupies a territory of 3 hectares. This is an extremely huge area where you can find a special parking place. 

Yerevan Zoo Animals

Yerevan zoo animals

The Yerevan Zoo Park is the home of various species of animals and birds. Initially, it introduced about 2 dozens of animals and birds. Throughout time, the number of animals increased. Today there are about 3.000 animals of 300 species . There you may meet not only Armenian national animals but also many other mammals brought from different parts of the world.

Species representing the South Caucasus and Armenia include vipers, Syrian brown bears, Bezoar goats, Armenian mouflon, red deer, and black vultures. Other species at the zoo include African lions, zebras, llamas, tigers (Bengal and Siberian subspecies), jaguars, leopards, wolves, Przewalski’s horses, Père David’s deer, hippos, spotted hyenas, Moon bears, Barbary sheep, Bactrian camels, Caucasian lynx, and many more.

Yerevan zoo - Zebra

The Yerevan zoo elephant is one of the favorite animals for the zoo visitors, especially for the little guests. Probably, this Indian elephant is special among the Yerevan zoo animals due to its extraordinarily huge appearance.

Among the birds, you may meet vultures, eagles, ostriches, ducks, storks, etc. There is also a fish pond where you’ll find various species of fishes. The Yerevan Zoo has also a special veterinary clinic in the zoo to take care of the zoo inhabitants.


The Yerevan Zoo Park consists of four departments: birds, hoofed animals, predators, and aqua-terrarium.

The department of birds

Yerevan zoo - birds

The department of birds includes more than 350 bird species, that require special care, attention, diet, and climate condition.

The department of hoofed animals

Yerevan zoo - Deer

This is a home of 108 hoofed animals of 21 species. There are 27 Armenian mouflons (Armenian national animal) among these animals. 

The department of predators

Yerevan zoo - Tiger

There are 33 species of predators in the Yerevan Zoo. These are the animals that never forget about their natural instincts. The most influential representative of the predators in the Yerevan Zoo is the lion.

The department of Aqua-terrarium

Yerevan zoo - Aqua-terrarium

The Aqua-terrarium in the Yerevan Zoo takes care of 20 snakes, 3 species of lizards, 3 species of tortoises, 2 crocodiles, and 77 species of fishes. 


Of course, looking at the animals is very entertaining but there you can find many other pleasant things to do. There is a special hippotherapy center where you can ride a horse. 

The huge territory of the zoo park includes a picnic area. Here you may enjoy your stay with family or friends. There are also carousels and a playground where children can play different games.   

Yerevan zoo

Zoo Park has a cafe and a restaurant where you can eat something, drink any fresh juice or whatever you want after wandering around. And yet, if you have any question there is a special information desk. You may ask your questions to the assistants and your curiosity will be satisfied. The Yerevan Zoo is a place where you can ensure your good time.

Interesting and colorful events are organized in the Yerevan zoo all year round. An especially large ceremony is the zoo season opening. There you may take part in events like children’s day, ice-cream day, pumpkin day, pan Armenian painting day, animal carnival parade, and even more.  

Yerevan Zoo Entrance

Yerevan zoo entrance

Working Hours

The Yerevan zoo is open every day. The working hours are from 9 AM up to 8:30 PM, except for Mondays. On Mondays, the zoo park is open from 11 AM. 

Yerevan Zoo Tickets 

The Yerevan zoo entrance fee varies depending on the days and the ages of the visitors. The entrance is free for the up to 3 years old children and everybody above 70. 

For the children up to 15, the Yerevan zoo ticket price is 500 AMD on weekdays except on Thursday (200 AMD), and 600 AMD on the weekend. For people above 16, the entrance fee is 800 AMD on weekdays except on Thursday (600 AMD), and 1.200 AMD on the weekend.

They also offer some family packages and yearly subscription plans which cost relatively cheaper.

Summing Up

Surely, you’ll take the pleasure of your time in the Yerevan Zoo. You may spend a day in this attractive, interest rising, live, and natural place. Without any doubt, you’ll enjoy your time. You are more than welcome to the only Armenian zoo park. 

Vera Mirzoyan

Published August 2, 2019

Article by Vera Mirzoyan


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