Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church


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Zoravor Surp Astvatsatsin Church is one of the oldest preserved churches in Yerevan. It is located in the oldest part of the city, which was called the Shahar district. The former name of the church was Saint Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God). “Zoravor” (meaning Powerful) was added to the name because the church was home to the 13th-century bible of Zoravor. The tomb and the Chapel of Ananias the Apostle were located here. Once the chapel was a famous sanctuary. 

The monastery was built by the efforts of monk Movses Syunetsi in the first half of the 17th century with the financial support of benefactors. The complex included the Holy Mother of God Church and the chapel of St. Anania. Later a monastic school was added to the complex. Unfortunately, the newly built monastic complex did not last long and was destroyed by the terrible earthquake of 1679. Only the chapel was preserved.

The present-day Saint Zoravor Astvatsatsin Church was built in 1693-1694 in the same place as the former monastery. The church was built with the donation of Khoja Panos, who was one of the wealthiest residents of Yerevan. According to an inscription recorded 100 years after its construction, the church was renovated by Gabriel Haryurapet.  

The church is of three-nave basilica type without a dome. To the east of the prayer hall is the main altar with sacristies at the northern and southern corners. The interior and exterior architecture of the church is characterized by strict simplicity. Khachkars dated to the 17th century are built into the exterior walls of the church.

 During the renovation of 1889, the entrance to the tomb from the church was closed, and a small, domed building was built on it. In the 1970s, Saint Zoravar church and the chapel were reconstructed, the walls and roofs were repaired and restored, a table was placed in the High Altar, a baptismal basin was built in the north porch, and a choir was added to the church. 

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