Karen Demirchian Sports and Concerts Complex


icon-mapLeningradyan St. Yerevan, RA

icon-phone+37411 755502

The Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex or Hamalir is the biggest Sports and Concert Complex in Armenia. It is located on the Tsitsernakaberd hill, near the Hrazdan River Gorge, in Yerevan. It includes two big sports and concert halls. 

The sports hall was officially opened in 1983 and the concert hall a year later. Hamalir was named after famous Armenian politician and national hero. It has a unique architectural design that reminds of a big bird opening its wings. The group of architects and engineers were awarded with USSR National Prize for a unique architectural monument. 

One of the unique characteristics of the complex is the hall of 1008 seats, which can easily be expended by turning the stage. The main hall of the complex consists of 6000 seats but can reach up to 8800. 

Charles Aznavour, Ian Gillan, Michel Legrand, Demis Russos, La Scale Opera Symphonic Orchestra, Boney M, Yanni and many others gave concerts in this concert hall.

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