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The National Gallery is the biggest Gallery of Armenia located at the Republic Square of Yerevan which has the world's largest collection of Armenian art. It was founded in 1921 and originally was a part of History Museum. It started to work as a separate museum in 1935 by the decision of the Government. The first collection's works were taken from an Armenian painters' exhibition in 1921. After that, a lot of painters donated their works to the museum and in 1925, it had already 400 pieces of Armenian, Russian and European artists, presented in the six halls.

The Gallery’s collection contains more than 26,000 canvas presenting Armenian, Russian, European paintings. Here you can find the works of world-famous artists like Hovhannes Aivazovsky, Martiros Saryan, Harutyun Kalents, Minas Avetisyan, Tortoretton, Auguste Roden, Mark Chagall, Peter Paul Rubens and Gustav Korben.

Also, you can find works of different masters, painters, and sculptors. An important role plays the works of the famous Hovhannes Ayvazovski, which attracts everyone who enters the hall. He is a famous Armenian painter which admires everyone with his marine arts and paintings.

The National Gallery has the several departments;

  • Armenian Department

          This department collection has 7000 exhibits including ancient, medieval murals and documentary miniatures, church pictures and works of the New and Modern periods. The collection of Armenian art is the largest in the world. Here are presented the works of great Armenian painters like Martiros Saryan, Hovhannes Aivazovsky, Minas Avetisyan, Hakob Kojoyan, Gevorg Bashinjaghian, Panos Terlemezian, Vardges Sureniants, Vartan Mahokian, Hakob Gyurjian, Edgar Chahine, Grigor Khanjyan, Hakob Hovnatanyan and many others. Besides that, here you can see the pieces of Armenians from Diaspora;  Paul Guiragossian (Beirut), Zakar Zakarian (Paris), Jean Carzou (Paris), Edgar Chahine (Paris), Hovsep Pushman (New York),  Gerardo Oragyan (Rome), and Jean Jansem (Paris)

  • Foreign Countries Painting Department

          It includes the works of European and Russian painters. Nearly 230 paintings from the Russian collection are exhibited in the halls of the museum. The collection includes religious icons and images(16th-17th), also the works of well-known Russian artists (18th–20th)  like Natalia Goncharova, Marc Chagall, F. Rokotov, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, I. Argunov, Valentin Serov F. Shubin, Ilya Repin, Ilya Mashkov, Sergey Konenkov, Vassily Kandinsky, and others.

There are presented also works of European Masters from French, Belgium, Italy, Holland and the pieces of famous painters like  Tintoretto, Caspar Netscher, Donatello, Adolphe Monticelli, J. B. Greuze, Carle Vanloo, Antonio Canova, Joos de Momper, Jan Van Goyen, P. Claesz, Matthias Stomer, E. M. Falconet, Joseph Vernet, Robert Hubert, Théodore Rousseau.

  • Sculpture Department

Here you can find, approximately 1200 objects of sculpture collection, presenting Armenian and foreign sculptors.

  • Graphic Art Department

This department presents unique graphics art and printing graphic art. This collection has about 12000 exhibits.

In the National Gallery of Armenia, visitors can see a decorative-applied art collection which includes the various groups of past and modern artists (Ancient Egypt and Greece, Iran, China and Japan, Germany, France, England, Holland, Flanders, Romania, Russia and Armenia).                                                              


Working hours

The Museum is open:

From Tuesday to Saturday  11:00-17:40

Sunday                                11:00-17:40

The Museum is closed on:


National Holidays and Memorial Days

 The entrance fee is 1500 AMD (for adults).

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