Hovhannes Karapetyan Geological Museum


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The Geological Museum was founded in 1937 by Professor H.T Karapetian a doctor of Geological Sciences. It is located at the Marshal Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan. The first exhibition of it was based on his rich collection and nowadays, there are nearly 900 collections with 12,000 exhibits. In 1944 the museum was named after his founder Karapetyan. It Museum has several departments;

  •  Mineralogy
  •  Paleontology
  •  Petrography
  •  Natural Resources
  •  Mineral Waters in Armenia
  • Natural Monuments of Armenia

The main goal of the Geological museum is to exhibit achievements of Armenia and to show the visitors the natural resources of the country. In the museum are presented the maps of the area of minerals, rocks, remains of animals and plants. The most impressive item in the museum is the prehistoric elephant skeleton which was discovered in Gyumri. The presented exhibits over 13 thousand samples, only 98 % samples were found in Armenia.

In 2012, there was founded a special mineral hall, dedicated to the American-Armenian A. Dildilyan. There are presented over 1400 samples of the rare types of minerals from different parts of the world. Recently, the museum created "Naturalist" eco-club, where children are getting know the Armenia's Geological state and problems.  


Working hours

The Museum is open:

From Tuesday to Saturday     11:00-16:00

The Museum is closed on:

Mondays, Sundays

National Holidays and Memorial Days

The entrance fee is 700 AMD (for adults).

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