5 best Armenian cartoons

5 best Armenian cartoons

March 01, 2019

Cartoons are an essential part of our childhood. They are the most favorite entertainment for children and much more than that. With the help of animations, children learn about the world around us, about different emotions, and other important things.

Armenian cartoons are the best way of having a deep imagination of our rich culture. Animation industry of our country offers a wide range of funny and exciting products that I recommend to watch.

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I will present the top 5 must-watch cartoons, which are the real masterpieces of the Armenian culture.

Best Armenian cartoon #1 “Անբան Հուռին (Lazy Huri)”

The premiere of “Lazy Huri” was not far than in 2016 by Arthur Mikaelyan. The famous Armenian cartoon-musical “Lazy Huri” is based on Hovhannes Tumanyan`s 'Anban Huri' fairy tale. The cartoon lasts only less than 30 minutes, but it includes much more than you can imagine. “The Lazy Huri” represents the injustices and inequalities of life.


The leading role is an extremely lazy girl whose mother makes real efforts to persuade everyone her girl to marry her to an intelligent and hardworking trader. The mother of the Huri convince everywhere and everyone that her girl is the most hardworking and the most decent. But everything is entirely different and unexpecting. Do you want to know what happens then? One of the must-watch Armenian cartoons waits for your attention.

Best Armenian cartoon #2 “Գտնված Երազ (The Found Dream)”

I am not the only person whose childhood would be incomplete without the cartoon “Found dream.” It is one of the masterpieces of Armenian cartoon industry, which makes us dream and imagine perpetually. The directors of this artistic treasure are the twin Dilakian brothers. The soundtrack is another iconic feature created by talented Armenian musician Ruben Haghverdian, with the help of S. Gyulkhasyan and A. Satyan.


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The "Found dream" cartoon tells us an excellent story about a little girl who travels through her imagination to find an old man’s sleep. On her path, the girl appears in a fairy world of pictures and goes through magical adventures. When she comes back the old man is already sleeping. One of the features that will make you watch this cartoon is the character of the little girl. Her big and curious eyes, surprising and exciting questions will make you fall in love with “The found dream” cartoon. It was created in 1976, by Armfilm studio.

Best Armenian cartoon #3 “Քաջ Նազարը (Nazar the brave)”

One of the beloved cartoons is the animation variant of Hovhannes Tumanyan`s same-titled fairy tale.

The history of this outstanding tale is so curious: the heading of this cartoon is quite interesting as Nazar means timid in Armenian. Hovhannes Tumanyan wrote this fairy tale in 1912, but later, in 1923 another famous Armenian writer Derenik Demirchyan converted it into a significant perform. Here is the story: The main hero Nazar is indeed a coward and a timid man but concurrently he is very boastful one.


However, it happens so that everyone respects and adores him for his unreal courage and no one sees his real kind of person. But that’s only thanks to his luck. The lazy and silly Nazar relies on his success not giving importance to courage and imagination. Who knows, maybe he is right. If you want to laugh out loud, then I recommend you to watch “Qaj Nazar” cartoon. After watching this cartoon, I promise you will start believing in luck.

Best Armenian cartoon #4 “Պույ-պույ Մկնիկը (The Puy-Puy Mouse)”

During the Soviet period, this funny Armenian cartoon was one of the popular ones among children. It is the most exciting comics that Armenian cartoon industry has created․ The plot is entertaining and at the same time a deep one. It’s about a very amusing and joyful mouse who always was singing:


I am The Puy-Puy Mouse la-la-la-la
I am The Puy-Puy Mouse la-la-la-la…

It swirls into the hole of a coconut, then eats and drinks everything inside that tasty fruit. But then he gets so fat that he is just not able to get out of the fruit. The tale screened due to the talented Armenian writer Derenik Demirchyan. Later, in 1971 the story transformed into the funniest cartoon by Armfilm studio.

Best Armenian cartoon #5 “Մկների-Ժողովը (The Gathering of Mice)”

The Gathering of Mice is one of the favorites and interesting Armenian cartoons. It was created in 1978 and until today enjoys a long history. It is the screening of the same-titled fairy tale of Armenian favorite children’s author Khnko Aper. This comic screened due to the Armfilm studio, Armenian animation producer of the Soviet period. The director of one of the best cartoons is talented Lyudmila Sahakyants. “Gathering of mice” belongs those that have a funny but at the same time a teaching story.


It describes an incident about the mice that decide to hang a bell from the cat’s neck. And to determine who will fulfill that dangerous task, they organize a meeting. The duration of the entertainment is 10 minutes, but it includes a lot of funny moments that will make you laugh your head off. As for me, I can’t imagine my childhood without the interesting cartoon called The Gathering of Mice.

Although I mentioned these five funny and interesting cartoons, there are a lot of Armenian products that are worth to watch. Each of them describes a creative and unique story. Another must-watch cartoons are Panos on Clumsy, The talking fish, Anahit, and so on. Be sure you have watched these comics which will give you in-depth knowledge about Armenian cartoon culture.

Elen Sargsyan

Published March 1, 2019
Article by Elen Sargsyan

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