icon-mapDadivank town, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh

The historical Dadivank is one of the beautiful churches of Artsakh, it was built in 9th-13th centuries. The church is located on the slope of Dadivan Mountain near Dadivank town in Nagorno Karabakh. It was called also Khutavank because it was built on the hill (Khut Armenian word for hill)

According to the legend, the church was founded by the follower of Christ’s Apostles called Dadi, in the 1st century. In historical references, the church first mentions in the 1st century. Mkhitar Gosh mentioned the church in the 12th century. Unfortunately, in that century the church was attacked by invaders and destroyed. The reconstruction of the church had started in the second half of the 12th century and finished in the 13th century.

There is inscription about the reconstruction craved on the walls of Dadivank, where mentioned that it was in 1224. The church includes Saint Astvatsatsin Katoghike Church, a chapel, courtyard and other buildings.  In the eastern part of the wall are unique khachkars (cross-stones). Next to the church is three-storey bell-tower which was built in 1334 by Sargis Catholicos. Dadivank church was mentioned in activities of Artsakh’s royal houses and spiritual houses.

During the excavation of it, under the tabernacle were found the relics of Dadi Apostle. In the area of the church was found an ancient mausoleum which didn’t look like Christian building. A person buried in the mausoleum is sitting on the chair, now it is placed in Stepanakert’s museum. Mkhitar Gosh lived and worked in Dadivank, in the 12th century. Here he wrote his famous book called “Datastanagirq”.Once the church included different buildings, 2 clock-houses, 2 ancient churches, cells, writing house, even guest house.  


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