Ghazanchetsots Cathedral


icon-mapGhazanchetsots Street, Shusha 375000, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic,

Ghazanchetsots Cathedral is located in the town of Shushi, the Republic of Artsakh. It was built in 1868-1887 by the local residents. The architect was Simon Ter- Hakobyan. It is considered to be the second most important spiritual centre in Artsakh, after the monastery of Gandzasar. The architectural complex consists of a Church (1868-1887) and a bell tower (1858).

The inscription on the belfry testifies that it had been built ten years earlier than the church itself. Usually, the belfry is built after the construction of the church. This strange fact may imply that there was another church in the place of Ghazanchecots. 

The Artsakh war created a new page in the history of the Ghazanchetsots Church. In the years of the war (1989-1992), the monastery was turned into an armoury, and before that, it had been used by the Azeris as a livestock farm.

The Ghazanchetsots Church was also severely damaged during the shooting of Shushi. When at last the ancient, tortured and wounded Shoushi was liberated, the Armenian tricolour waved on the ruined dome of St. Ghazanchetsots Church, and the scent of candles spread inside its walls. In 1998, the church was again officially consecrated. 

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