Ghazanchetsots Cathedral


icon-mapGhazanchetsots Street, Shusha 375000, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic,

Ghazanchetsots Cathedral is located in Shushi town which was built in 1868-1887. It is considered to be the second most important spiritual center in Artsakh.  The church was built by the local residents; the architect was Simon Ter- Hakobyan. The consecration of the church took place on September 20, in 1888.

Ghazanchetsots is one of the largest churches in Armenian architecture. The first time the cathedral mentioned in the book of Mesrop Takhidyan “Journey to Armenia” (1820). Shahen Mktrhcyan proved that in the place of the cathedral was another church (18th century) because the courtyard was build earlier than a church. During the construction of the church, while cleaning the floor, the people found an important inscription which said that it was built by Armenian master and architect.

The bell-tower was built by Abraham Khandamiriants; in the eastern part of the wall, there is an inscription which says “The courtyard was dedicated to the memory of Gabriel Hovsepian- Batiryants,  Mkrtich Margarian-Khandamiriants, his wife, and sons, who came from Ghazanch. The beautiful bell-tower is situated near the cathedral which has three floors. 

This church is the pride of Shushi which is in harmony with the surroundings of the city. It has common architectural similarities with Echmiadzin Cathedral. Unfortunately, during Artsakh’s war, the church served as an armory and the dome of it damaged. But after the Liberation of Shushi, the cathedral and the bell-tower were completely reconstructed.

In 1998, the church again was officially consecrated. Ghazanchetsots is also famous for its big Wedding day.  On October 22, in 2008 Levon Hayrapetyan organized a big wedding day which took place in Gandzasar and Shushi. That day nearly 700 young couples got married, 200 couples in Gandzasar, the other 500 in Shushi Cathedral.

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