Eduard Isabekyan Gallery


icon-map7a Mashtots St.

icon-phone374 10 500-567


icon-clock11:00 - 17:00

Eduard Isabekyan gallery was founded in 2004 and opened in 2013. Eduard Isabekyan’s son Aram Isabekyan has donated 28 of Eduard’s well-known paintings to the city of Yerevan that were presented in his permanent exhibition. Irina Isabekyan has been the director of the gallery since its opening.

Eduard Isabekyan’s art is being displayed on both floors of the gallery. On the circular-shaped top floor are his large epical paintings. The painter’s view on history transforms today's power, pride, virility and the spirit of past victory.

Eduard Isabekyan’s gallery is actively involved in Yerevan’s cultural life. The gallery’s director Irina Isabekyan organizes events, lectures, and meetings that are aimed to discover Edvard Isabekyan as a painter, writer, educator, caring citizen but foremost as a patriot.