Syunik Region


Area: 4,506 km2

Population: 141,771 (2011)

Syunik region is located in the southern part of Armenia. It is bordered by Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Iran, and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Syunik was one of the ancient provinces of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia. This region is known for its two names Syunik and Sisakan.

In fact, Syunik is considered to be the richest industrial region of Armenia. The largest river is Vorotan, the highest mountain is Kaputjukh(3,904). That’s why Syunik is called the region full of mountains.

The capital of Syunik is Kapan, also known as Ghapan. Kapan is the most popular town in Syunik. The beautiful Mount Khustup is overlooking the town. If you are in Kapan town you can enjoy this beautiful sight. Then you can visit Baghaberd historic fortress near Kapan, which is very beautiful and ancient castle. There you can find Garegin Nzhdeh’s memorial park, Vazgen Sargsyan central park. 

Historical Sights of Syunik Region


At the end of the 19th century, Old Khndzoresk was the biggest village in Eastern Armenia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the community had 8300 inhabitants․ In 1913 there were 27 shops,7 schools. The village is famous for taking part in the liberation movement of David Bek. The fortress of Khndzoresk served as a military base for Mkhitar Sparapet in 1728-1730.

In 1735 the village was visited by Catholicos (Head of Armenian Apostolic Church) Abraham Kretatsi who gave a thorough description of the community in his chronicles. During the 1980s, an additional village sprouted 7km from Khndzoresk due to resizing and political unrest. This village, considerably smaller than Khndzoresk, is called Lower Khndzoresk, or Nerkin Khndzoresk.

Khndzoresk is widely famous for its canyon with picturesque rock formations and ancient cave settlement. The artificial caves, some of which are currently used as stables and warehouses, used to be inhabited till the 1950s. In the bottom of the gorge, there is St.Hripsime church, dated back to the 17th century. On the right side of the gorge, there is Anapat (hermitage) with the tomb of Mkhitar Sparapet. The cave church of St.Tatevos is situated there.

The most famous place in Khndzoresk is the " Chochvokh Kamurj" in English " Swinging Bridge". The construction of the bridge lasted two years (2011-2012). It has 160 m length and 63m height, weight is 14 ton. the bridge connects the two parts of Old Khndzorsk.

Passing from one side to another takes 5 minutes, but for enjoying the wonderful scenes you need to walk slowly. "Chochvokh Kamurj" was built by Jora Aleksanian which dedicated to his parents Hayk and Tamara Aleksanians.

The Tatev Monastery

The other treasure of Syunik is Tatev Monastery, which was built in 895. The Tatev Monastery was the cultural center of Armenia and nowadays is a must place for tourists. When you are in Tatev, go and visit or Satan’s Bridge. In 1995 the monasteries of Tatev were added to the tentative list of World Heritage Sites of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Tatev monastery’s history dates back to the 9th century. Undoubtedly, this monastery is one of the oldest and the most famous complexes in Armenian history. The main church of the monastery was built in 895 by Hovhannes Bishop and the help of Syunik’s dukes Grigor Suphan and Dzagik. In 930 the inside walls of the church were carved with beautiful frescoes.

In 906 was built “Gavazan”  quavering monument. The complex has three churches; the Poghos Petros Cathedral, St Astvatsatsin, and St Grigor Churches, the Grigor Tatevatsi mausoleum, “Gavazan” monument and other historical buildings.

There you will be the witness of Syunik’s extraordinary nature and will discover the historic treasures of Syunik. 

The Tatev Ropeway

“Wings of Tatev” is the longest ropeway in the world (5, 7 km) and is called the treasure of Syunik. “Wings of Tatev” was in the Guinness Book of records. The unforgettable air journey over the Vorotan river will last 12 minutes.

It is simply impossible to describe all the beauty in words. So you will be in Armenia, be sure to keep the path to the ropeway of Tatev.

The climate of Syunik region

The climate of Syunik region is diverse. All types of climate can happen here. But mostly the area is warm. The temperature in January ranges from +0.9 °C to -9.8 °C. the Meghri is the warmest town in Armenia.

The population of the region

According to the calculations of 2011, 141 771 people live in Syunik region. In Kapan live 45 500 people, in Dastakert only 300.



Kapan is the capital of Syunik region. It is located in the south-eastern part of Armenia, near Khustuph Mountain and the Voghji River. The city was mentioned first in the 5th decade, and from 10th decade became the capital of Syunik Region. Kapan’s name means canyon or mountain pass.

Sights of Kapan

The Mountain Khustup stands near Kapan city and decorates the view of the city with its look. It’s not a simple mountain; it is a holy mountain for the people. The other important place is the Memorial of BaghBurj; it’s not far away from the city. This Memorial is dedicated to the victims of Sumgait and Baku’s.

The second part of this Memorial is the cemetery of the victims during Artsakh’s war. Near Andonakavan there is Baghaberd, which was the city’s stronghold; it has an interesting story that goes back to the ancient times. The legend says that Baghaberd was connected with another fortress (rising from the right side of the rock) with the help of the rope. And there was a huge door that closed the road which passes through the canyon. So it will be very interesting to see this place and discover the secrets of this strong castle.

The other place of interest is Shika Hogh's reservoir. It is Shika Hogh's National Reservoir and is located in Shikahogh town. There are kept the rare types of Armenian trees, insects, lizards, snakes and different mammals that are included on International Red List. The other treasure of Kapan is the Castle of Halidzor with its unique architectural style. Yeritsavanq Church is another famous place and is located in Artsvanik town. This church is considered to be an exclusive example of Armenian architecture’s history.

Kapan’s marvelous nature, the Rocky Mountain's fresh and healthy air, historical monuments, castles and other places of interest, that’s all you need in Armenia.



Tatev Monastery

Goris is considered to be the most visited destination of the tourists because one of the wonders of Armenia is here. The one and only Tatev Monastery complex is situated here. It is not a secret that Tatev is a fascinating place that attracts everyone.

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