Kapan is the capital of Syunik region. It is located in the south-eastern part of Armenia, near Khustuph Mountain and the Voghji River. The city was mentioned first in the 5th decade, and from 10th decade became the capital of Syunik Region. Kapan’s name means canyon or mountain pass.

Sights of Kapan

The Mountain Khustup stands near Kapan city and decorates the view of the city with its look. It’s not a simple mountain; it is a holy mountain for the people. The other important place is the Memorial of BaghBurj; it’s not far away from the city. This Memorial is dedicated to the victims of Sumgait and Baku’s.

The second part of this Memorial is the cemetery of the victims during Artsakh’s war. Near Andonakavan there is Baghaberd, which was the city’s stronghold; it has an interesting story that goes back to the ancient times. The legend says that Baghaberd was connected with another fortress (rising from the right side of the rock) with the help of the rope. And there was a huge door that closed the road which passes through the canyon. So it will be very interesting to see this place and discover the secrets of this strong castle.

The other place of interest is Shika Hogh's reservoir. It is Shika Hogh's National Reservoir and is located in Shikahogh town. There are kept the rare types of Armenian trees, insects, lizards, snakes and different mammals that are included on International Red List. The other treasure of Kapan is the Castle of Halidzor with its unique architectural style. Yeritsavanq Church is another famous place and is located in Artsvanik town. This church is considered to be an exclusive example of Armenian architecture’s history.

Kapan’s marvelous nature, the Rocky Mountain's fresh and healthy air, historical monuments, castles and other places of interest, that’s all you need in Armenia.