Kapan is the capital of Syunik region. It is located in the south-eastern part of Armenia, near Khustuph Mountain and the Voghji River. The city was mentioned first in the 5th decade, and from 10th decade became the capital of Syunik Region. Kapan’s name means canyon or mountain pass.

Sights of Kapan

The Mountain Khustup stands to the south of the city of Kapan. The view of the city together with the mountain is very picturesque. 

Kapan and the surrounding areas are home to many historical monuments. Here you can visit the Baghaberd Fortress which dates back to the 4th century and is as well known as the castle of Davit Bek. Baghaberd served as a fortress between the 4th-12th centuries. It is located on the top of a hill not far from the town of Kapan. The fortress is at the height of 1,438 metres.

The legend says that Baghaberd was connected with a rope road to another fortress rising on the right side of the opposite cliff, and the entrance of the castle was protected by a huge door. Another treasure of Kapan is the Castle of Halidzor which was built in the 17th century and was famous as a strong and unassailable fortress. 

The Shikahogh National Reserve is also in the area of Kapan. It was founded in 1958 to protect the forests and animals of the region.  Many species of flora and fauna are registered in the RA Red Book. The area of the reserve is about 12137 hectares. There are many mountain streams and mineral springs in the territory of the reserve. You can find a very beautiful medieval bridge in the territory of the Shikahogh Reserve. 

Not far from Kapan is the church of Yeritsavanq which belongs to the 5-11th centuries.  The Monastery of Vahanavank is only 5 kilometres west of Kapan. It belongs to the 10th-11th centuries and is situated at the top of Tigranasar mountain. The surroundings of the monastery are very picturesque.  

In Kapan, you can visit the Memorial of Baghburj dedicated to the victims of Sumgait and Baku, the victims of the Armenian Genocide and the WW2. There is the fraternal cemetery of Kapan Armenians killed in the Artsakh Liberation War. Marvellous nature, rocky mountains, fresh air, historical monuments, castles and other places of interest, these are the things you can find in Kapan.